St. John VI Hidden Reef Kayak Ecotour

St. John VI Hidden Reef Kayak Ecotour~ A Tour You’ll Adore


Ahhhhhhh and on the 3rd day was the Virgin Island Ecotour.

Located on the east end of St. John near the sign that says, “End of National Park”.

“Jane” and I were psyched to do this…pumped and ready to go….


The road getting to the east end. This overlooks Brown Bay

We set out with Justin, our tour guide. The coolest most hippest guide ever, from Kansas.

Us girls set out on a double kayak. I was upfront. “Jane” in the back the steering queen.

We ventured over to Haulover Bay for this adventure. GREAT SNORKELING here.


Haulover Bay

A nice amount of reefs allowed for awesome fish and sea turtles and took great shots with my underwater camera.

“Jane” got to touch a white sea urchin…Nope not me, I don’t have the balls to go near an urchin.

We explored the inlays of the bay. It was very fun and exciting. Plus, got to ride some waves and learn about St. John from Justin.

Towards the end of our adventure I became sea sick, sun burnt, and exhausted. (I was red like a lobster)


Kayak on the bay


I literally kissed the land when we were done.

It was a great way to see St. John with a wonderful guide. (He also pointed out the “Death Apple Tree” I was standing under).

I went back to the villa and crashed out until evening and I never nap! Hahaha

This is an awesome inexpensive way to learn about the island and get a great workout.

Great way to learn about St. John and otherwise see sights you normally wouldn’t see. By kayaking to other portions of the bay and snorkeling out much farther than you normally would from the shore. Justin is a great tour guide and has true passion for his beloved St. John.

And if you already didn’t know, St. John is my beloved island as well.


Road to the east end of the island for the kayak tour