Millbrook Village, Delaware Water Gap, a pioneer town of history

Millbrook Village

Old Mine Road
Delaware Water Gap, NJ

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This is in the first building that is open nearest to the parking lot. There are also maps of the village and of the National Park located here.


Millbrook Village is located centrally in the National Park. It was an old mill town that stood on the premises from the 1830s and up until the 1900s. It’s a great place to explore and to see what it was like in harder, but simpler times. It’s a re-creation of the turn-of-the century town of Millbrook Village.


Old building

On weekends, in the summer months, folks come together to demonstrate crafts and activities to the tourists. The highest population that Millbrook ever encountered in it’s heyday, was a whopping 75 residents.


W.L. Bertoff building

The town eventually dissipated due to technology and major railways being too far away. The young adults left the village for better pay. Millbrook was pretty much isolated from the world in where it is located. Essentially, it was like living in their own universe.


A replica Millbrook home

Most of the homes are replications of the pioneer days and not original.

However, you would never know by looking at them. You feel like you are walking around in the past. I thought the outhouse buildings were quite funny.

It’s crazy how we lived only 100 years ago and we didn’t even use toilet paper.

Mostly it was the JC Penny catalog, lol.


The throne

The national park permits you to tour inside the buildings. We got to experience a few. A must to see is the resurrected church. The original church was burned down by an arson in the 70s.


Millbrook Village Church

The doors may be closed, but you are welcome to go inside.


Inside of church

I have to say they fooled me. It felt like it was built in the early 1900s.


Picture of the grave markers of deceased citizens of Millbrook.

Millbrook Village was a rather unexpected stop. I did not know this was here. We figured we would hit the falls and head south to another location.


Stream located on the side of the village

This break allowed us to walk around a bit. We were actually quite moved by the architecture. I enjoyed learning about it’s history.


Info on the old Farm Orchard.

There are numerous structures on the property left to your adventurous pleasure. There are also bathroom facilities. Don’t worry they aren’t an old outhouse. The bathrooms have actual running water and toilet paper. Hahaha.


Beautiful Barn

Have fun exploring my friends 🙂