Yummygal’s Fun Fact Friday

Bats! Only Native Mammal of St. John USVI

Here it is another Fun Fact Friday my friends! Hope you have enjoyed this beautiful fall week! Also, I’m looking forward to another rocking weekend. (Hope yours is even more rocking than mine.)

Those of you that are in South Jersey…you MUST check out the Burlington County Wine Festival this Weekend. They are featuring over 13 NJ wineries for all of your “grape juice” needs this Saturday and Sunday. The grounds contain over 640 gorgeous acres to spread out and to have a little fun!

I’ll be there as well. Definitely say,”Hi.” Fyi, I don’t bite. Would love to see you.


Beautiful Waterlemon Cay, St. John

Well for this Fun Fact, I’m taking you to the gorgeous US Virgin Islands. Imagine wind in your hair, a rum drink concoction in your hand and when it gets dark…….BATS! Hahahahaha!! Yup, you will notice them or hear an, “Eek Eek Eek” here or there.

I mention this because most folks see donkeys, goats, deer, turtles, mongoose, lizards, geckos, tree frogs, bananaquits, pearly-eyed thrashers, mantas, dolphins, and an occasional whale. However, the only land mammal native to the Virgin Islands is the bat. There are a few native bats. However, the Fishing Bat is on the endangered list. All other mammals were brought over by the early settlers and have adjusted to the natural environment.


A kayak on Haulover Bay

So when you are out and about at night enjoying your lovely island…make sure if you hear the, “Eek Eek Eek” that you say, “Good Evening” to them. It is proper island etiquette to the locals…

And after all….they are the native folk!

Have a great weekend everyone. -The Yummygal

The Jersey Devil- Yummygal’s Fun Fact Friday

Yummygal’s Fun Fact Friday. It’s a Funny one!

Meet the “Real Jersey Devil.”

Now, you probably haven’t seen a thing with horns in the woods. However, I am sure you have seen “the Jersey Devil.”

He’s in your neighbor, the guy that cut you off, or the rude person at the counter.

Hahaha, you know it’s true!

The fact is we are probably the rudest, no manners, selfish, brash, truthful, evil, and meanest folks you’ll ever meet.

It’s a way of life, I think everyone suffers from a little “crazy”.

I see it at the grocery store, out walking, at the mall, at the park…

We are inpatient. We want everything and we want it now.


Jersey Devil Photo, Courtesy Of Photobucket

I see it everyday. Below, is what I encountered in just a few days. (Which is quite typical)

I am out walking the other day with my son..I say “hi” to a woman who I am passing by and I just get a blank look on her face.

An old man at the supermarket the other day, butted in front of me at the check out, Well… Yummygal doesn’t play that game… I butted back in front of him. He had the audacity to call me the “B Word” even though I was waiting for 5 min before he even got there.

I am driving 15mph through the neighborhood a kid runs out in front of my vehicle almost gets killed and I am called a f’ing b*** by the kid finger and all….

So as you see the jersey devil does exist, it is not a myth. In fact, it’s a creäture in all of us.

You are not from the Philadelphia area, unless you have been of witness to the “Real Jersey Devil.”

Hope you enjoyed today’s Fun fact.

Fun Fact Friday

Another Yummygal Fun Fact Friday my friends.

This week’s Fun Fact….

What is the Delaware Valley? Okay, well I do talk a lot about it. In fact, it is the vicinity of where I go on all these day trips. It’s probably best that I explain what it is, right?


(The beautiful Delaware)

The Delaware Valley is consisting of the valley where the Delaware River flows, duh!

The river spans over 300 miles flowing North to South to the meeting of the Delaware Bay. However, the valley consists further than this area when it is talked about in the news or what it refers to. It spans the cities of Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Camden. The State of New Jersey (South and Central), all of Delaware, and then leading onward to northern Maryland. It is the sixth largest metropolitan area in the country. It was the fifth until the Phoenix area recently took the position.

However, the media ranks 4th in the country. I guess we like to watch a lot of TV!! And we do. Get out people!! Can’t you see my stories? There is tremendous beauty all around you! Stay tuned for much much more.

The Delaware River is the cleanest river on the east coast. It’s a stomping ground for most migratory birds. Home to many fish, animals and plants. It is an essential part of our ecology. Most folks that live on the river, receive their drinking water from this beautiful baby.

It also serves as one of the largest ports in the country. Providing many jobs in the Philadelphia vicinity.

Much history has occurred within the Delaware. Does General Washington come to mind on a very famous river crossing?

Yup, she’s a keeper. I love her. I always will!

I will be featuring more Delaware and Pennsylvania areas soon. Promise!

Yummygal’s Fun Fact Friday

Yummygal’s Fun Fact Friday

My Subscribers may have already received this due to a computer glitch. Apologies.

Most folks enjoy seeing manta rays out on the water. They are the equal in personality to dogs in the aquatic world. People like them because they are friendly and playful. However, most folks don’t know that by touching them (which is very common especially with tourists) that you are making them more susceptible to disease.


(The doggies of the sea world, the Manta Ray. Photo credit Photobucket.)

The Manta have a very delicate outer protective membrane on their skin. It aids in the protection against diseases and lesions of these beautiful big-brained fish creatures. By touching them even delicately, we make them more susceptible. Most folks don’t know this “fin”fact. Which is why I am putting it out there, Please be respectful of these guys if you are out on the water.

You can look, but please don’t touch. They are beautiful creatures.

Yummygal’s Fun Fact Friday

Well here it is… another Fun Fact Friday my friends.

Did you know that a bald eagle nest can reach lengths of 6 feet in diameter? It also averages about 3 feet tall.

The killer fact my friends is this….


Old eagle’s nest at the Cedar Run Refuge

The nest usually weighs approximately 2-3 TONS. Yes, TONS.

Now that’s one heavy nest!!

I actually learned this fun fact at the Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge in Medford, NJ. (Previous Posting)

Have a great weekend, everyone!! Enjoy the rest of your summer!