The Cape May Zoo Is What I Want To Do ~ Cape May, NJ

The Cape May Zoo

Cape May, NJ

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Natural wooded setting around The Cape May Zoo.


I have a love/ hate relationship with zoos. I love them because you get to see animals you probably would never see in your lifetime. I also admire the efforts to preserve endangered species.

I hate them because they are usually enclosed in small habitants and some animals don’t get the socialization that their breed requires. Other times the animals are neglected.


Black bear at the zoo

However, I have to say the Cape May Zoo takes great care of their animals. The animal spaces are clean, the animals are well cared for, and they are given natural socialization.


Albino wallaby

Which is why I believe this zoo is one of the better zoos in the country.


Free ranging pheasant

The Cape May Zoo was created in 1978 as petting zoo of barnyard animals. Throughout the last few decades they have expanded their acreage and obtained more exotic animals. They have created expansive aviaries, obtained snow leopards (which are very rare), and developed a natural savannah area for zebras and giraffes.


The giraffe

If there are any Michael Jackson fans out there. They received 13 pink flamingos from his Neverland ranch in 2008.

The zoo is free to the public. They survive on donations and fundraising.


The ostrich

There is a carousel for the kids and also a nice little steam engine that tours around the park.


The kiddie train

I came here on July 3rd this year with hardly a parking spot left. However, the overall design of the zoo is excellent. It did not seem crowded at all.

This was my second visit in my lifetime and a first for my son. We will definitely be coming back.


More natural area near the snow leopard exhibit

It is open every day of the year except for Christmas!

Make sure you leave a donation for the zoo. I know it is free, but the donations go directly to the magnificent animals for their care.

As Tony the tiger says, “They’rrrrrrrrrrrre¬†greeeeat!”.

He was actually talking about The Cape May Zoo.