Bull’s Island~ Ain’t No Bull On This Island

Bull’s Island Recreation Area

2185 Daniel Bray Highway
(Route 29)
Stockton, NJ. 08559
(609) 397-2949

There ain’t no bull on this island. She’s a drop-dead knockout. Bull’s Island sits within the gorgeous 70-mile Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park.


Bull’s Island beach, NJ

The island sits on 80 acres of immaculate land in the middle of the Delaware River. A bridge connects you to the park via the New Jersey side and you can also get here from the Pennsylvania side. There is a pedestrian walkway that connects you via Lumberville (in beautiful Bucks County) near the pristine Black Bass Hotel.


Bull’s Island pedestrian bridge connecting New Jersey and “no bull” Bucks County, PA

There’s no bull about this structure.


Bulls Island pedestrian bridge

This forested natural area supports a floodplain plant community with mixed oak trees among the landscape. Bull’s Island also boasts itself as one of the best spots to observe the spring migration of pretty birdies in all of NJ.


Gorgeous forest canopy with underlying ferns in the park

Such offerings are prothonotary warblers and cerulean warblers. Yes, I am trying to use BIG words. Making this a true bird enthusiast site.


Pedestrian bridge up close

The Bull’s island grounds are captivating. There are public facilities, boat launches, campgrounds, grills and semi-private beaches along the serene Delaware River.


Go ahead she’s safe

The pedestrian bridge is impressive. If looking for a classy spot to grab lunch or dinner, the Black Bass Hotel is the way to go. It offers a wide selection of dining options overlooking the Delaware River. The town of Lumberville, in which the hotel resides, is one class act in itself worth exploring.


The stunner. Black Bass Hotel, Lumberville, PA

For the fishing nuts out there, bass in this area are huge! Bring your boat and get your fishy fishy on. Let’s go. The water is 80 degrees….aaaaaaahhhh…. Refreshing.


View from the bridge

This is a wonderful place to go and visit. Bring the family. Make it an entire day. Go to Lambertville or New Hope for lunch in the general vicinity. This area is all worth exploring, trust me!


Isn’t she a gem?

Bull’s Island is a natural beauty. I’m quite bummed I’m posting this island out to the world. I wanted to be the only “island woman” here. Now, I spoiled it for future generations 😦


The quaint town of Lumberville, PA

However, my dear readers…I know you will treat it as special as I have.


I love you, Bull’s Island. I mean hubby

Toodle-Loo…Yummygal is leaving for another adventure!


The Delaware River. See how clear she is?