The Palmyra Cove~ A Place That’s A Treasure Trove

The Palmyra Cove Nature Park & Discovery Center

Environmental Discovery Center is open Mon-Fri 9-4
Sat-Sun 10-4
Park Area and Trails open from Dawn to Dusk
1300 Route 73 North
Palmyra, NJ. 08065

(Don’t miss the online Live Peregrine Falcon Web Cam!)


No pets permitted since it is a wildlife sanctuary.

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The Palmyra Cove is over 250 acres of fun-filled family enjoyment and it’s free! Its location overlooks the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge of the Delaware River and Pennsauken Creek. There are 8 miles of various trails catering to new hikers as well as more rustic trails for the avid hiking enthusiast.


Outdoor picnic area at the Discovery Center

There’s a lot to offer at this Cove. Its most treasured features are the flora and fauna that live on the property. The Palmyra Cove is a sanctuary to the “urban jungle” that lies beyond its territory. An oasis in the overdevelopment of land which has become very popular in our state.


One of the interactive displays


Information on the Palmyra Cove ecosystem display

The Environmental Discovery Center offers an array of educational enjoyment as well as lessons and activities throughout the year. These features are an interactive exhibit which allow you to enjoy a computer library, information about the migratory birds, as well as, artifacts of the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge. Plus, many other offerings. There is also a monitor set up to watch the Peregrine Falcons who live on top of the bridge. These birds are endangered and are boasted as the fastest animals in the world. I had the pleasure to witness these creatures upon my visit. Also in the center, is a small artist gallery. Featuring local artists of South Jersey.

Inside the Environmental Discovery Center at the Palmyra Cove


One of the most famous birdies at this preserve, the Peregrine.

The lessons they offer are a small fee, however well worth the $. The classroom experience allows you to learn about the surrounding habitat of the Palmyra Cove. It’s a true hands-on experience. Adults and children enjoy these magnificent activities.


A Painting in the artist gallery by a local artist

At the Palmyra Cove, there is a great outdoor picnic area. A viewing platform above the Environmental Center, a butterfly garden, and wildflowers lining the center median upon your arrival to the building.


The infamous eagle statue made of baseballs and featured on the tv show, “Dirty Jobs.”

They also have a wonderful beach area and small pier to view the Delaware River and fish. A sight to see in our backyard my friends! There are over 250 different species of birds that live here. It makes it a “bird watching paradise.”


Palmyra Cove beach and a man multi-tasking while fishing, haha.


Under the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge

I only did the Cove Trail when I was here. However, it’s a great maintained trail with smaller trails that branch off into different areas. I saw white-tailed deer, a beaver and wild turkeys on just my short visit.


The beautiful pier


Hardy Palms in Palmyra? Yes, sir!

What makes this place truly special is the employees. I was fortunate to meet a wonderful woman named, Kim Addiego. Kim has a true passion for the Palmyra Cove, its wildlife, and helping to educate the public. She’s extremely helpful in any questions you may have. She also assists on annual newsletters of the Cove. Kim is extremely knowledgeable about the exhibits and the entire 250 acres of the Palmyra Cove. If you have a question… She’s the one you should ask!


Sign in the butterfly nursery a great exploring area for kids


The well-maintained Cove Trail


Cove trail

There is an annual fundraising event held every October. It is called the Frost & Feathers Ball. The event has become a real “hoot”, I must say. This gathering raises money for educational programs at the Palmyra Cove.

(If you look very closely in this picture, you will see a wild turkey)

I’m excited to return in cooler weather and seek out the rest of the trails. Perhaps, even attend a seminar. The Palmyra Cove would be enjoyable for the old as well as the young. You will walk away learning something new about our area. The park is a “breath of fresh air” in the South Jersey Area. Other parks should be truly envious and take a few notes from these guys.


Beautiful Palmyra Cove

Definitely take the kids or bring yourself! Check out the exhibits, enjoy a picnic lunch, and then walk around the treasure trove of the Palmyra Cove! You’ll truly fall in love with it!

Please donate some money even though it is free! Thanks! -The Yummygal