The Kalmar Nyckel Sailing Ship of Delaware


The Kalmar Nyckel Ship of Delaware

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The Kalmar Nyckel sailing beauty


The Kalmar Nyckel Ship is truly a beauty. There are daily pirate sails from Wilmington, DE. and also pirate sails from the Ferry Terminal in Lewes, DE. this spring-summer season.

The Kalmar Nyckel is a resurrection of the same named ship in 1638 which brought Europeans over for their first permanent settlement in The Delaware Valley. The ship made a total of 4 crossings across the Atlantic which was unheard of in that era.  Folks on this ship were one of the first to create colonies in the Delaware Valley.  Where we call home.

The Kalmar Nyckel was lost at sea in the late 17th century.



She is sexy

Which there are conflicting reports of where she went lost and has never been located.  Treasure hunters have been diligently trying to find this most magnificent vessel for decades.

Today, you can experience what it is like to sail in the 1600s onboard this awesome ship.

The kids will get an educational tour and to sail on a ship that has had a lot of history.

This ship is operated by a volunteer staff and is a true symbol of the state of Delaware.

Enjoy the sea, mateys!