Ideal Department Store

A Landmark for decades in Hammonton

Sorry folks! I haven’t posted much here recently! However, I am still out and about going on adventures like I always have and have plenty of places I wi eventually get up on here. It takes a lot of my valuable time to get things up on here.   However, I have some interesting places that I’ll be posting soon, so you can seek out this summer! 

Interesting architecture and the same as she was back. in the day!



Retro sign:)

If you got a passion for fashion…

And you got a craving for savings..

Take the wheel of your automobile…

And swing on down to Ideal. 

That catchy little jingle has captivated the minds of many South Jerseyans for about four decades.  
Many folks are heading “down the shore” this time of year and this is a building you can’t miss on your way to your traffic crazed Jersey beach paradise. 

Ideal has been a popular Landmark among the White Horse Pike for decades. Back in the day, people drove from all over to shop here. 


The white horse….another popular lamdmark down the road.

It’s still a renowned place today.  Now an antique store…  In my day, it was a place to find some great prom attire. Young ladies came  from all over New Jersey to check out their collection. 

Here’s the link for the catchy little jingle! I shared it on the Facebook page awhile ago! 

I sure wasn’t born in this timeframe, but I know my mom and grandmother would drive from Medford to Hammonton just to have a fun day of dress shopping together. 

Do you have a passion for fashion?

Check it out! Take some pics! Oh, and if you never did hear that jingle before, you’ll still have difficulty getting it out of your head! Take a listen! 

Until our next adventure, my friends!

-The Yummygal

3 thoughts on “Ideal Department Store

  1. I live right down the street from Ideal! Its amazing how many things you blog about that I have actually seen while driving, even though I don’t exactly consider myself a South Jersey Traveller. I remember seeing the commercials for Ideal when I was a little kid and I can still sing that theme song in my head even though I havent heard it in like 30 years lol.

  2. Funny, we drove by there today and I told hubby that is where we would come from Cross Keys to dress shop. That and the Wynette Shop in downtown Pitman.

  3. My husband and I drove past it a week ago and he mentioned that when he was little his mother and aunt would drive from Ambler, PA to shop there.

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