Delaware River Tubing~ Frenchtown, NJ.

Delaware River Tubing

Route 29
Frenchtown, NJ

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The beautiful Delaware River Canal


I realized….Tubing is actually a lot of fun.

I had a “free day” off from the baby. So I had to go and do something that I normally couldn’t do with the little one. Plus, have an adventure to myself to enjoy.


Frenchtown, NJ


I decided to ask Yummygal’s momma to come along on this adventure. To have a mother-daughter bonding day. It was nice.


Delaware River Tubing


The drive getting here is absolutely gorgeous. Route 29 is a scenic by-way in New Jersey. It is superb. It starts in Hamilton Twp. and goes north along the Delaware Canal. You will pass antique shops, Lambertville and the New Hope, PA area, as well as the Howell Living History farm.


Delaware River Paradise


It was a gorgeous 84 degree day. The sun was shining. Low humidity a big plus. After reading reviews, I decided to check this tubing company out.


I’m VERY relaxed


Delaware River Tubing has been in business for 8 years and is quickly growing. The package includes shuttle service, a tube, and a free meal from the famous “hot dog man.” I’m not sure how famous it really is since I’ve never heard of it.


The infamous “Hot Dog Man” stand


However, it’s unique. The hot dog stand sits in the water. There are picnic tables in the river. Mid-way through your day, you will hit this location in the Delaware River. It’s a nice treat and simple meal. You can choose from 1 cheeseburger or 2 hot dogs.


Another shot


I have one complaint. The hot dogs were not bbq’d. They were boiled. They say it’s a free barbecue meal, but it wasn’t barbecued. False advertising….Delaware River Tubing.


Loving the 80 degree water


It isn’t cheap either. We paid 75 bucks and did not upgrade our tubes. They are mostly a bunch of high school kids (employees) that mis-guided to tell us what we needed to do after we paid for the excursion.

Nor directed us about safety or life jackets. We ended up missing the first bus because they failed to mention where we could get our tubes, etc.

Also, on top of the 75 bucks for 2 people. You have to pay for parking. It can be a pricey day. Expect a family of 4 to pay well over $150 bucks.


Come on in the water is warm


Is it worth it? Yes and No. Yes, because of the simple fact they shuttle you back to your car. No, because of the price. I can afford it, but most families probably can’t. It’s nice to have the meal halfway through your journey. However, the meal is worth 4 bucks at most. I’d rather pay out of pocket.


Catch some famous river bass


Delaware River Tubing is getting a lot of flack lately due to the army Corps Of Engineers. They are saying that the hot dog stand in the water, the picnic tables (in the water) and the signs along the river are unlawful. The company is operating without a permit. This is state-run property and therefore should have proper permits.


Great beaches on the Pennsylvania side


The tubing company is fighting this and stating they should not have to get a permit since they are properly inspected and insured with the state. The company is stating they never have had to have a permit to operate. Stating the Corps Of Engineers are trying to run them out of business.

The tubing company may possibly end up out of business after this fight. Stay tuned on the matter.

All-in-all, it was a very nice relaxing day. The sights along the Delaware River are gorgeous. The river is clean and quite refreshing.


I think you get the picture. It’s gorgeous!


The bus driver is a hoot. He’s a trip. He makes the drive back to your car a real treat.

Would I do it again?

Yes, It was a blast!


A fun day with Delaware River Tubing

Delaware River Tubing is a real treat. If the company can work on their customer service and possibly lower the pricing. It could attract a larger audience.

Their competitors offer tubing at almost 75% less of what these folks charge. I will do the river tubing again, but most likely with a less expensive company.