Old Kings Highway- Salem County Findings.


Salem County, New Jersey, population 66,083. It is New Jersey’s least populated county in the entire state.

Established on May 17, 1694, from the Salem tenth. It is a county full of history and lush farm landscapes, enough to make any mouth water. Aborigines (the Lenape Indians) utilized the lush farmland for centuries. The European colonists arrived and began settling in as early as 1631.

Many of the current roads used by Salem County settlers were made from trails of the Native Americans. These trails were used as trade routes by the colonists. Highways and roads were eventually created, from which you see today.

Mile Marker on Kings Highway outside the Salem City limits reads, “One Mile to Salem, 30 miles to Coopers Ferry”, present-day, Camden, New Jersey.

One of the earliest roads is Kings Highway. This road flows north and south of South Jersey from Salem to Burlington City. It could be considered the first “major highway” of South Jersey. Named for Charles II of England, it was reported that it was a very bumpy “driving” experience in the day. Driving meaning… riding your horse and eventually your wagon.

You can find early remnants of the highway with mile markers along Kings Highway from Salem County to Burlington City here in South Jersey. Some range from Revolutionary times and are still among the landscape today.


I’ve been able to document a ton of these in other counties over the years. These are some precious gems that need to be preserved. 


carla adventure 370

Reads… 51 Miles to Camden. 5 miles to Salem.

carla adventure 376

Reads 50 miles to Camden. One mile to Salem.

carla adventure 384

Unable to read.. as has been destroyed.

carla adventure 389

26 miles to Camden.. another marker found on Old Kings Highway.. you can find these all the way to Burlington City.

carla adventure 362

Oh look! It’s that time of year for snow geese!

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