Salt Pond Bay, St. John

Salt Pond Bay
St. John, USVI

One of the south shore beaches that can compare to the north shore beaches.

Salt Pond Bay. A gem in the Coral Bay vicinity.


Salt Pond is sexy.


Salt Pond is a keeper.

A ton of winding roads to get here. Also, a bit of a hike to get to. This Bay is worth it. The views along the drive on the way are well worth coming here.

There are also a few restaurants in this vicinity if hungry and a nice little lunch truck that is at the entrance to the Bay.

Great spot for lunch is Shipwreck. You can never go wrong here.


the trail to the bay

This is known as one of the best snorkeling locations in St. John.

I truly believe the name fits the bay. Salt was burning my eyes left and right to the point where I had to have my friend drive me back to the villa. I could hardly see.

This is also a popular mooring location since there is a pay station here.

It can get rough here on certain days making it difficult to snorkel.

A pretty convenient beach if staying in the Coral Bay vicinity.

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes as you will be walking uphill on your way back up the trail.


Another beautiful picture

Or you will regret it my friends. Hahaha, evil laugh my friends….evil laugh.