Starlit Escape St. John~ A Rocking Villa On A Rock Itself

Starlit Escape St. John

I was in desperate need of a vacation. This was a last-minute trip being pulled together. I was on the search for a villa. I came across Starlit Escape. Something just kept making me come back to their site. Was it the location, the pictures, or the friendly owners? hmmm.

We landed on St. John…….

“Jane” and I drove to Coral Bay “downtown” to meet with the owner. Why would I want him to waste gas on such an eco-friendly island? However, he, I am sure, will be happy to greet you at the dock in Cruz Bay.



Starlit Escape Sign

As we were waiting, there was a spectator crowd of sort with a nice sized forklift blocking the road. It seemed to be the only thing happening that day. A ship has been semi-sunk in coral bay and I think the forklift was trying to remove debris off the boat. Here’s a pic of that ship. Kind of funny this was the only thing “happening” in town. People were just having a nice beer and enjoying the show. I personally thought this was cool.

coral bay deserted boat

Coral Bay deserted boat

The owner then escorted us to the property. A great, fun little adventure getting to the house. It is off a dirt road. The owner was extremely helpful with unpacking our groceries and helping to bring luggage into the house. He answered any questions we had. Gave us some freshly picked bananas which were the best creamiest bananas I ever ate. Dirty minds please don’t go there. I will never look at a banana from the produce stand the same… ever again. Then he left. So we went carousing around to check out the place.


Front of house with beautiful vegetation


flowers on property


Yum! pineapple.


Walkway of native stone


Some of the amazing lush grounds


This place is a gem. THE BEST money I ever spent on a villa and an incredible value from the moment of speaking with the villa owners. Btw, they LIVE on the island. This is a huge plus in my book. I have dealt with villa owners in the past that reside in the states and use a management company for upkeep on their home when they are not there. Nope, these folks are the true epitome of class and hospitality. If there is an issue or a question.. BING they are right there for you (literally, they live on the island).

The owners are a hard-working couple. They have true pride for their St. John. They own Sam and Jack’s Deli on the island. They are #1 on tripadvisor out of all the dining establishments in St. JOHN. (READ THE REVIEWS) That says a lot of the type of care they put in their business because it’s actually what they put into their home.

I was a little scared, however, this place does not have AC. Since I am a prissy girl, I thought this may become an issue. Hey, I wanted an adventure and this is what I signed up for, right? Would I be sweating like a pig? Actually, I did not feel “hot” at all. The winds came in through all angles of the screened windows and doors. It was quite pleasant. I was actually shocked. Plus, a lot of the tree canopy helps to cool the home and the dutch design of the home helps to control the heat (dutch ceiling/roof/ceiling fans.)

Here are some more great pictures of the property.


starlit escape st john pool

The pool

She Rocks!

Also, after a looong day we enjoyed a cocktail every evening with these views!! My goodness was fabulous to see the hillside and the wildlife amongst us!

View from the Happy Hour Tower!

Was my favorite spot to have morning coffee!

Water view.. what a view!


The tower


This place is more gorgeous than the pictures suggest. An incredible value with 360* views from the happy hour tower. Plus, 2 additional decks for your relaxation and enjoyment.

We saw tree frogs, hummingbirds, lizards, bananaquits, and lizards on the grounds and was lovely.

One of my lizard friends


My bedroom had it’s very own private deck area with a hammock and a nice little patio set for morning coffee. I am not going to show it, I don’t want to give it all away!!

Also, the house is a quick distance to all these fabulous beaches. Just take route 20 so you don’t have to go into town. It’s sooo close!

From the gorgeous Maho Bay overlook!

My picture of Maho Bay. One of my favorite beaches. Very close to the house!

To and from the house you will run into some “native friends” like these folks….

St. John beautiful donkeys!

Awesome wildlife

If you are having any doubts whatsoever in renting this villa DON’T. Book it! TRUST ME. You can’t get a value like this in St. John. A hotel room for the week is more than this incredible home. I can’t believe I found this gem and now I am sharing it to the world. However, I hope you find it quite enjoyable and gorgeous as I have discovered it to be. I can’t wait for a return back. This was the place to be in Coral Bay and the home to rent.

I truly enjoyed staying on the less touristy side. The more scrappier car someone has the more money in their bank accounts. They aren’t materialistic and are fully aware of their carbon imprints and have true passion for their island. A lot of the men grew beards and wear t-shirts and the ladies dressed very casually. The people are truly friendly. It definitely has an awesome community vibe.

The cool little quirky signs… for example “stinky donkey dip” are pretty hilarious. It has a great little personality this side of the island. My kind of people. Reminds me of home.

This place was true privacy, relaxation, and off the beaten path. Yet, very close to everything. You would be very wise to choose this home.

A bird of paradise in paradise, lol!