The Pool at Harrah’s Atlantic City top places to see in the Philly Area before you die


The Pool at Harrah’s~ Time To Swim With The Fishes

Atlantic City, NJ

Top Places to See in the Philadelphia Area before you die:


Entrance to the Pool at the Harrah’s Casino


Now, a long long time ago in the 1990s Harrah’s was known as the “old fart” casino in Atlantic City.

Wow, how things have changed.

Fast forward to this century. It’s one of the hottest top casinos in AC.

The pool is awesome either day or night.


The pool during the day

Since we get all four seasons here in Jersey and the fall and winter months are generally freezing cold.

They built this bad boy to attract others all year round with a consistent 80 degree temperature.

There are palm trees, a beautiful pool, and cabanas lining the poolside.

It’s great during the day to lounge around and at night becomes one of the most popping spots in Atlantic City starting at 10pm. The Pool After Dark.

The VIP cabanas are outrageous in price for bottle service, but I guess they are doing somewhat well. This place is packed wall to wall almost EVERY night.

Try getting drinks hahaha or better yet, go for a swim.


“Jane” and I Partying it up at night at the pool. Yay, baby!