Our #1 infamous saying, “Down the Shore.”

Our #1 infamous saying, “Down the Shore.”


A New Jersey Educational Moment:

This is probably the most used phrase during the summer in our Delaware Valley area, “Down the shore.” If you aren’t from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Delaware. It may seem a bit confusing to outsiders.

This is our culture and our slang and I will attempt at explaining our way.


The Jersey Shore, the Atlantic Ocean, In Sea Isle, NJ

When we say we are going, “Down the shore.” We are just traveling to the beach. Most likely a beach town in New Jersey for the day, week, month, it doesn’t matter.

An example talking on the phone:

1st caller- “Hey what are you doing this weekend?”

2nd caller -“Oh, this weekend? Well, I’m going down the shore.”

We never say we are going to the beach. IT HAS GOT TO BE, “Down the shore” at all times. Now, to confuse you even further, if you are already “Down the shore.” You are then permitted to say at your house, rental, or hotel that you are “Going to the beach” and that is only if you are presently staying in that beach town or close proximity to a beach town.

An example:

“Now that we’re down the shore. Let’s go to the beach.”

We say it as if we are drinking a glass of water. It’s second nature.


My little monkey down the shore and slightly sunburnt 😦

In fact, our local weatherman, Adam Joseph, got a lot of flack about this a few weeks back on his Facebook page. He had to explain to the folks in the area that he cannot say “Down the Shore” on TV because it isn’t grammatically correct and not permitted with his contract.

When promoting New Jersey in advertising for tourism purposes they will never say Jersey beaches. It will always be the Jersey Shore. If any of my Jersey counterparts have ever noticed.

Honestly, if someone said, “I’m going to the beach” around here they would probably look at you odd and think you are literally from another planet and say….”You mean down the shore?” Hahaha

It’s just our thing.