Buttermilk Falls, Delaware Water Gap, NJ

Buttermilk Falls, Delaware Water Gap, Mountain Road
Wallpack Township, NJ

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Getting here:

Old Mine Road 4.6 miles until it bears left. Continue on Pompey Rd. for about a mile. Turn left at stop sign on NPS 615N. To 206. Continue 1.4 miles and make a right at Wallpack Center (which will be a bunch of white buildings). Head straight to the Wallpack Environmental Sign. At 0.1 miles cross at a one lane bridge. At 0.4 miles make a right at the Wallpack Cemetary onto Mountain Road. Around the 2 mile point, make a right into the dirt parking lot for Buttermilk Falls and voila! Your adventure will begin.

Buttermilk Falls is New Jersey’s tallest and highest waterfall. Take a hike on a nice day to see this wondrous beauty in the beautiful Delaware Water Gap.

For the adventurous, there is a trail that climbs 1,000 feet to the top.

Now, the waterfall cascades down the mountain, however during “dryer seasons” not as much oomph and pizzazz. So go after it has rained a little bit.

They recently put in a wooden stairway to the top of the waterfall. Just use caution if trekking up because it most- likely will be very damp. You don’t want to be slipping and sliding,  if you know what I am saying.

A great “nature day” for kids to be amongst the wildlife, bring a picnic lunch.

The road is a bit bumpy so use caution.

Just don’t jump off the cliff.