The Garden State Discovery Museum in Cherry Hill, Is Quite A Thrill.

The Garden State Discovery Museum

2040 Springdale Rd.
Cherry Hill, NJ

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Entrance of The Garden State Discovery Museum with view of the butterfly garden

I came here to check this museum out on a hot blistering 100 degree day. This place is really no secret to the area, but I’d like to share my experience. It’s a hands-on interactive museum for the kids, but there are pluses and minuses to this place and I’ll explain why.


Inside the Lobby featuring Ikea cafeteria and ceiling tiles made by children

It’s a recent addition to the area premiering to the South Jersey scene with just under a decade or so ago. I find this place to be VERY expensive for such a small museum. It cost for 2 adults and my son $35. The reason I am complaining on the price is because most of the exhibits are “sponsored” by local businesses.


Small floor piano reminiscent of the movie, “Big.”

For example Subaru, Ikea, the Silver Diner, Cooper Hospital, the Cherry Hill Mall, etc. These sponsors paid for predominately these exhibits with not much cost to the museum. The exhibits are all about the sponsors. It is kind of odd.


Fish displayed in an old TV in the toddler area of The Garden State Discovery Museum

The exhibit quarters are quite cramped with kids running all over the place. They show small animals in the exhibits. Which I found quite sad, the exhibits are quite small for these creatures.


Poor cramped Australian lizard. He wants out!

It is a great rainy day or cold weather sort of place to visit. They offer workshops, a butterfly garden, a toddler play area, dinosaur and castle exhibits.

Flyers Hockey Arena


The Light Bright Display

Now, I’m ALWAYS trying to save you my friends some money. The best time to come is after 5:00pm. It is dead and only 5 bucks! That’s what I’m talking about. I feel as it is worth this price for admission.


Rock wall with no safety harnesses or staff to monitor the kids. “At your risk” possible law suit in the future

I would suggest this place if you are bored and want to get out of the house and don’t want to trek over to Philadelphia. Besides that coming here quite often will kill your budget.


Silver Diner sponsored exhibit

It’s still worth to come and check it out at least once. Come after 5 PM!! You’ll save a lot more money!