Kids Play Place ~ Not Too Fond Of The Space

Kids Play Place
16000 Commerce Parkway
Mt. Laurel, NJ

I truly thought I would enjoy this place. I truly truly truly did. It is close to my mother’s house when we visit the area. I figured it would be a nice spot to hit when the weather gets cooler or a cold rainy day. For some folks, I’m sure the Play Place is great. However, I was a bit horrified. It could just be that I am a new mom, but the place is dirty. Uh oh! I’m opening up a whole new can of worms on this one. Aren’t I? I will probably be permanently banned from this business. Oh well.


Kids Play Place. Please forgive the Yummygal she takes horrid indoor photographs


I walked into the place and was greeted by two girls. They handed me coins and then said, “Okay, you are good to go.” Um where do I go? What are the coins for? They didnt tell me any information about the place. Nada. It was up to The Yummygal to sort it out and upon “my adventure” there wasn’t really much to ferret out (my favorite phrase again).


Indoor Play Arena


I left the counter area and found my way to the play area. There are different rooms for the kids to explore. A little indoor play gym with a slide. A grocery store, sport room, theater, kitchen, post office and princess room. All great in concept. Could see why this place is fun for the kids.


Sport room


However, the place is filthy. Kids running around. No employee in sight to monitor (Oh, they are behind the counter chatting up one another. That”s right.) The disinfectant liquid was empty in all of the containers. I was kind of creeped out. My son was having fun socializing with a little girl so I decided to wait it out a bit (socialization is good for the kiddos.) Plus, he’s definitely a ladies man.


Kid theater at the Kids Play Place


I put him on some rides that the coins are good for. Then we immediately ran to the restroom to wash all of our hands to clean the filth off. The bathrooms are dirty as well. The floor looked like it has never seen a mop.

Then we left. I won’t be going back.

My suggestion to the girls behind the counter and owner, clean a little. It wasn’t busy. Maybe even monitor what is going on and show your face to the place. I understand it is the parents responsibility to watch their kids, but you should still be coming out from time to time to check on things.


Dirty Bathroom Stall

My suggestion. Don’t waste your money. There are many other places to visit. It needs a good disinfecting/cleaning before I could go back. Hopefully, maybe reading this gives some constructive criticism and things get addressed.

Geez, I’m probably going to get some backlash on this. I didn’t mean to offend anyone. However, the dirt was clear as day. You know me. I try to support our local places in any way I can.

Bring on the disinfectant alcohol. Haha

Have a great day, Everyone! Until our next adventure, right?