Townsends Inlet

Hi there! Summer is quickly approaching and thought I’d get this up here!  I don’t want to go in full detail about it… I’ll just let the pictures speak from themselves (I did not alter them in any way so that you can see its true beauty!)  I’ve written about the history of Townsends Inlet, in the past on the facebook page, but figured folks like to go to some places that I post up on here and this surely needs to go on your list!  Sometimes, I just want to show South Jersey without getting too technical on the matter.

towsends inlet 040 copy

Catching fish on a hot summer day.



A fisherman on the sure trying to get some fish!!

A fisherman on the shore trying to get some fish!!


towsends inlet 013 copy

Looking towards the bridge.


Between Sea Isle City and Avalon, there is a beautiful little gorgeous oasis right off of Ocean Drive called Townsends Inlet.  It’s a special little gem we have nestled in our South Jersey backyard. Hey, the bridge may go out from time to time… due to mostly storm damage within the last few years, but it is still a perfect little piece of sunset paradise.  I love visiting here throughout the summer to catch our gorgeous sunsets.  It is never truly packed and is just a nice calming peaceful piece of heaven.


She's starting to wind down.

She’s starting to wind down.

Now she's starting to shine.

Now she’s starting to shine.


The spectacular summer display.

The spectacular summer display.


Last scene and now heading back home.

A different view.



You’ll see fisherman and boats traveling to and fro…. Kids laughing and playing.  Adults snuggled up in blankets or wearing a sweater to keep warm.  I love this place and I go here often.  The sunsets are just spectacular.  There’s nothing better than winding down your summer day and coming here.


I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for summer! However, I am enjoying this spring!! It’s been gorgeous here in South Jersey!


Until our next adventure, my friends!


The Yummygal

9 thoughts on “Townsends Inlet

    • Townsends Inlet, one of my favorite visiting spots in the days of my youth.
      North of Sea Isle City on Grant St. which was then called Whale Beach was where my grandparents had a summer home and where I spent many a summer on the beach and tall dunes. I remember helping my grandad drill a well. 40 ft down but still brackish water. We use it anyway for showers washing of the sand from swimming at the beach. We got our drinking water from a spigot along the shore road. The home site and area is no longer visible due to storms.
      At Townsends Inlet we would enjoy the dinners at Busch`s restaurant. A favorite eating place in the area. South of Townsends Was Avalon. My uncle was the first born in this town. I did a lot of fishing with my grandad in Strathmere bay renting a boat from Fox`s pier.
      At whale beach I did two summers as a life guard. The guard stand,boat,life preservers etc were loaned from Ocean City.
      Have returned to the area a few times with my daughter Karen. To see the changes of these places since those day in the 30`s and 40`s is sad but memories like photographs are locked away.

    • Do you remember Vansant’s Pier; also Friehofer’s breads and sticky buns at Schellem store??? I am 83 plus who knew Capt. Cramer and Grant. Forgot name of Capt. of Caroline , Anybody care to reply???

  1. I would like to see some photos of South Seashore lines trolleys Ocean City Atlantic City ( via Pleasantville and Absecon )

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