” Pound-for-Pound” A Day in Pennsauken, New Jersey

Pennsauken is a somewhat large township consisting of a little over twelve miles. Nestled in the suburban landscape and only minutes away from Philadelphia. Pennsauken was formed as a township in 1892. I recently visited this sprawling town and here are a few spots you should ferret out!

Jersey Joe Walcott’s FINAL Resting Place
Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery

Visiting ‘Jersey Joe’ Walcott’s gravesite in Pennsauken.


(Jersey Joe visiting children in North Camden. Photo credit a fan of the facebook page.)

Arnold Raymond Cream (January 31, 1914 – February 25, 1994), better known as Jersey Joe Walcott, was a world heavyweight boxing champion. He broke the world’s record for the oldest man to win the world’s Heavyweight title when he earned it at the age of 37 years, 168 days, a record that would be broken on November 5, 1994, by George Foreman, who defeated the 26 year old Heavyweight champion of the world Michael Moorer at the age of 45, to win the WBA and IBF heavyweight titles.


(Cream’s final resting place)

Walcott was born in Merchantville, New Jersey, the son of immigrants from St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. Walcott’s father died when he was 13 years old, so he quit school and took a job working in a soup factory to support his mother and 11 siblings. He also began training as a boxer. He took the name of his boxing idol, Joe Walcott, the welterweight champion from Barbados, hence his nickname, “Jersey Joe”.


(The serene cemetery grounds)

His record is recorded at 53-18-1 with 33 knockouts, others state his record was 50-17-1 in various boxing references.

Cream was very active in the South Jersey community until his death.

Another stop in Pennsauken….

The Burrough-Dover Homestead
9201 Burrough-Dover Lane
Pennsauken, New Jersey

(Hello, gorgeous!)

Tucked away on a dead-end road and surrounded by an industrial landscape is this stunning stone masterpiece, the Burrough-Dover home. She’s a sexy beast nestled along the Pennsauken Creek.

This foxy farmhouse was constructed in 1710 and occupied by just two families over the century….
The Burroughs and The Dovers… Wink Wink 🙂

She was added to the National Register of historic places on October 25, 1973.

Griffith Morgan House
243 Griffith Morgan Lane


Next stop… The Griffith Morgan House. One of the oldest stone houses in Camden County constructed in 1693. She’s another colonial brick house and mighty mighty with her sandstone just hanging all out. This lovely home was added to the National Register of Historic Places on January 25, 1973.

Last stop… How about a little wacky? I mean that’s what South Jersey is all about, right?

Frankenstein’s Grave
Crescent Memorial Park


Muahahahahaha….Now visiting the Frankenstein gravesite isn’t going to produce an unorthodox experiment, however, it is still an anomalous thing to ferret out. Just don’t touch the grave or you may get galvanized. It seems that many visitors have paid their homage to this tombstone as the stones on top show Frankenstein gets quite the visitors.

This concludes our palladium Pennsauken tour!

Until our next adventure. -The Yummygal