Popcorn Park Zoo, Forked River, NJ


Popcorn Park Zoo

Open 7 days a week, plus holiday hours!
Forked River, NJ

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Easy to get to in South Jersey and virtually unknown is Popcorn Park Zoo in Forked River (from Rt. 70)


Popcorn Park Sign


What makes this zoo special is they have over 200 rescued animals that have been abused, exploited, or sick, and this is a refuge for them.

There are tigers, monkeys, camels, wallabies, horses, tortoises, pythons, bears, cougars, plus a ton more animals to see!


A peacock at Popcorn


A more intimate approach to the zoos in the area, plus your admission is helping the direct care of these animals.

Picnic areas and refreshments are available as well as popped popcorn (hence the name) to feed some of the wildlife and birds.