Ovation Hall at The Revel Casino

Ovation Hall at the new Revel Casino

Atlantic City, NJ

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I’ve had my fun this week. I have ventured to a lot of places I will be featuring on here, but this casino left a bad taste in my mouth and I wanted to share.


Picture of the lobby at the Revel Casino

Ovation Hall is a definite to see, however the Revel Casino is NOT.

The casino in Atlantic City is another failed attempt in making AC try to be more like Vegas.

The casino itself is cheesy-modern in it’s effort to be more posh, like a NYC. boutique hotel.


cheesy lobby at Revel

The demographics they are trying to capture are young wannabe rich kids. Hence, the word wannabe. Muscle heads that think they’re cool. Girls dressed like they should literally be on a street corner and they aren’t pretty folks. The people lack sophistication, manners, and class. This is the epitome of what people refer to as New Jersey and it’s truly DISGRACEFUL.

They also have burlesque dancers that come out in the poker room and do acts to such music as Britney Spears. Ugh.


In a few years, cheesy as hell.

Dining tends to be on the trendy side as well, Revel management sought after chefs that have had TV shows or have been a star on a television show. Again, disaster. Nothing original, nothing AC.

Also, in the hotel rooms they don’t even offer coffee or a coffee maker. Nor is there a place to really get your coffee at Revel. Apparently, I guess they are aware of this and offer a sporadic coffee bar in the lobby on certain days.


Hey at least the bathrooms are pretty cool.

What ever happened to creating original restaurants like Angelo’s Fairmount Tavern just down the street? Something that can remain and be original to the city?

Everything is overpriced from salads starting at 20 bucks, to your miller lite beer at 15 bucks. Pure stupidity. Young adults want to look “cool” by shelling out the dough to “be seen” in this absurd establishment. They are probably okay forking over their hard earned money because they most likely still live at home with mommy and daddy.


lighting in one of the lobbies

With this being said, we now get to Ovation Hall. This is actually something they did right.


lighted bars that change color in Ovation Hall

The acoustics are excellent. There is not one bad seat in the house. However, tickets are waaay overpriced. We spent $96 each for mezzanine seats for Def Leppard and Poison. Really not my cup of tea in music, but it is my husband’s.


stage at Ovation Hall with Def Leppard onstage

Revel was in a desperation days prior because they were selling Groupons for this concert for ridiculously cheap which made me pissed. People got their tickets for half off and better seats. The place was still not packed. Tons of empty seats! I know concerts are expensive these days, but I still think it is price gouging. The most expensive concert I’ve been to in AC with the crappiest seats. Way to go Revel.


Brett Michaels on stage

This is worth coming to if there is an act you truly like. Again, not a bad seat in the house. Bars and restrooms on every level. It is clean and big enough to where you don’t feel like you are packed in like a sardine and waiting in gigantic lines to get your truly expensive beer. The acoustics are quite impressive.


A Brit has landed on the stage

I give Revel Casino 2 thumbs down, but I give Ovation Hall 2 thumbs up. It is the best new concert hall I’ve been to in awhile. Even better than Borgata’s. Ovation Hall is quite impressive and even the mezzanine seats were a great view with a lot of room to stretch out.

However, for the price we paid we could have gotten better seats:)


Another dumb attempt, plastic rose petals glued to the wall in the lobby