Getting off the plane in St. Thomas

Getting off the plane in St. Thomas

A lot of people are a bit shocked in how they exit off the plane.

Like most tropical places, they do not have the typical “jet bridge” that connects you to the terminal (the little tunnel you are use to walking through).

Nope, they pull up these stairs on wheels to the entrance of the plane (if lucky will open 2 doors) and you have to walk down the stairs onto the runway lugging your carry-on with you.


Getting off the plane in St. Thomas



Now, you are on the runway after you come down the stairs. They will escort you towards the front where the luggage pick up is. (outdoors). You will most likely be greeted with Cruzan Rum shots (made in the virgin islands) kick back as many as you want (they encourage you). The airport is a typical “outdoor lanai” style. Pretty basic with a few shops and rental car agencies.

The return home is pretty much the same. If hungry, there’s only one place to eat in the whole airport serving up mostly Caribbean grub. You wait at your terminal, when called same thing, climbing up the stars into the plane.

I have always been curious in what they do for those who are handicapped. Do they pull open the slide and have them slide down upon their arrival? Just a thought… Hmmmmm

And when departing, do they mysteriously take them in their wheel chair to the edge of the runway and dump them in the sea? We will never know.