Mad Horse Creek~ Should Be Called, “Mad Horse Creepy.”

Mad Horse Creek

Lower Alloway Township, NJ

I have to say that the ride into Mad Horse Creek is beautiful. Old well-kept homes, farm houses, and acres that seem to run on forever. It is just straight up South Jersey beauty. Quiet and peaceful.


Pretty Barns along the way to Mad Horse. Tons of them!


A road barely able to fit one car, yet alone two

However upon my adventure, I kept noticing these signs and sirens everywhere, I thought it was definitely odd. I’m thinking what the heck is this and why? Why do I need to tune into a radio if these sirens go off?


Crazy sirens for a nuclear fallout


If you hear those sirens, then tune to the radio station. However, something inside me thinks that if there was a radiation leak you’d already be in danger.

Ummm… And then it hit me. Could it be this? New Jersey’s finest my friends. A nuclear power plant. Yup, thank you for this… This is what people think Jersey is. Also, what the heck am I doing here? How can people actually live around here? In fact, I saw a middle school within sight of the Power Plant.


Here is how we get our lovely reputation/ The Salem Nuclear Power Plant

It does concern me. I also feel for the people that live near Salem. In how they must have difficulty ever selling their homes. It also makes me wonder….


Creepy at Mad Horse Creek


It’s a sin because she’s rather kind of pretty. However, I would be scared to eat any fish from here.

The Nuclear Power Plant is a pressurized water reactor. What about the drinking water? The air quality with radiation? The wildlife? Where does the water go that was used for the cooling of this reactor?


Yay, Nuclear!


Boat Ramp at Mad Horse Creek

The Mad Horse River preserve¬†is being sent to my freaky files. It is definitely odd, but worth to check out at least once. It’s like something scary on TV and you just can’t look away.