Magens Bay, (not Megans), St. Thomas

Magens Bay, St. Thomas


Ahhhhh. Every visit every time. You can’t get over the beach. It is as soft as a baby’s behind (I should know I have a 9 month old). Now, I am going to say this and here we go gasps…. It isn’t the most beautiful beach I have ever seen in the world, but hey, it is up there.



A cloudy, but still beautiful day at Magens Bay, St. Thomas


There is a beach bar located on the premises. You can either sit at the bar or have a server come to you on the beach. Another thing, they charge per car an entrance fee, not per person. Avoid and hear me, avoid the beach when there is a cruise ship in port. It is too overcrowded. Almost not a place to sit. If you enjoy crowds, then hey go for it. However, ladies expect that line to the restroom.

The best time to venture is when there are no ships in port for the day. It’s a more relaxed and better experience. It still can be busy, but you can find a place to sit and still have that quiet, peaceful comfort you are looking for (and no lines to the ladies’ room) hehe.


My sexy old man friend in the water


There is a small gift shop if need be, but expect to pay tourist prices. It is a tourist trap. Drinks are very reasonably priced and yummy. They make them perfect. Not weak, more on the stronger side. You can rent paddle boats, but pretty much it.



Yup, the hubs and I getting romantic at Magens Bay


Hello there, Pelicans!



My sexy bird friend

The water… I have seen sea turtles, dolphins, lots of birds, and fish every visit. The water is so clear you can be out 25 feet and still see the bottom. A great beach for families since the water is calm and serene.

Weddings… Many weddings take place here as you will see in my pictures, one I happened to shoot last visit as it was proceeding right next to me. It is one of the most popular beaches on the island, so expect it.



Beautiful altar at Magens Bay


Perfect wedding in Magens Bay, St. Thomas paradise. What a way to get married, eh?



The beautiful bride. I LOVE the gerber daisies!


After your day at MAGENS, make sure you venture to the shack, udder delights, for a refreshing adult milkshake (yes, alcohol) as they are the most delicious in the world. (they make virgin milkshakes for the kiddos as well)