Wildlife Friends of St. Thomas

Wildlife Friends of St. Thomas

While you are vacationing, look out for the many friends you will see on St. Thomas.

There are many lizards, iguanas, birds, and sea turtles that like to live in paradise.


Sexy St. Thomas Iguana


A lot of the iguanas like to hang out by the pool. They try to get any little morsel that falls from the ground. They love tourists and are not scared of people. Try not to feed them. They can get aggressive. (but they are kinda cute aren’t they)

If you are at Magens Bay you can see a lot of brown pelicans and sometimes sea turtles swimming in the water. The kids will love it.

Take a tour on the Virgin Island Ecotours (kayaking). They will help you explore the mangroves of the island and you will get to see a ton of the natural wildlife and plants that are native to the gorgeous Caribbean.



Sexy St. Thomas Ducks

So come on out and see the friends of St. Thomas, some are reptilian and others have feathers, but they are too cute not to see. (A lot enjoy their picture being taken)

Kids will love it!