Hiking the Brown Bay Trail, St. John USVI

The Brown Bay Trail

St. John USVI
Starts on the East End of St. John



This trail was surprisingly a little tougher than we expected. Us girls are fairly fit and at times we were huffing and puffing. Due to the heat it makes it a bit more difficult.



The Brown Bay Sign

It starts out on Route 10 past Coral Bay (after the Donkey Diner and Skinny Legs).

As you’re driving, look to your left for a place to park with the sign. There is also a National Park Rangers gun range on the premises of where you will park. Make sure you don’t walk left. Follow the trail to the right.


shot of Brown Bay from the East End

Unless, you want to get shot..then by all means go left and …after you.


The trail almost immediately travels uphill.


“Jane” on the trail

Eventually, you will come to a clearing such as this…..


Brown Bay is a beauty, baby!

It will slowly begin to descend. Be very cautious. There are a lot of sticker bushes to the sides of the trail. Also, a lot of pointed slippery rocks sticking up through the path. It’s a sprained knee to be paradise. If you aren’t careful. This trail isn’t maintained too well by the National Park.


Getting close to the mangroves

Follow the trail to the Brown Bay sign… Keep going. Walk straight through the mangroves until you hit the beach.


We are almost there! Obviously!

The mangroves…you made it my tired friends…


Brown Bay Mangroves

You’ll want to walk through these guys.

Eventually, you will come upon this natural beauty. Brown Bay. A Snorkeler lover’s paradise.


She’s a treat!

There’s a lot of sea grass here. As well as conchs and lots and lots of fish.


FYI, was very respectful to this living creature. Only had him out of the water for a few seconds so that he did not dry out

There were loads and loads of conchs on this beach! And tons of awesome fish in the water! Definitely bring your snorkel gear!


Conchs at Brown Bay!

This beach is very private since it’s quite a ways to walk to and undisturbed in it’s natural setting.


Took this on my Ipad

And another shot….


Nice and private on St. John.

It was one of the better hikes on this trip and a lot of fun. We definitely had a nice workout!


Brown Bay Beach a natural beauty

The only thing that sucks is the hike back! Hahahahahahaha


Have fun!

And this is the better part of the trail. If you are not in shape. I do not recommend this trail.

As always, have fun on your exploration on the beautiful island of St. John!


Another gorgeous shot