Winslow Wildlife Management Area- Part# 2,654

I don’t know about you…but with all this snow all I can think about is spring and summer’s arrival. On days like we have been getting, all I am able to dream of is my perfect little piece of paradise in our area.

What’s your local piece of paradise?

Is it going “down the shore?” Or escaping to the solace of the Pine Barrens? How about ferreting out (I love that phrase) our many vast lakes we have in South Jersey?


From the Black Horse Pike. If you’ve gone to the “blinky light” you’ve gone too far. Map credit…. Google Earth.

My piece of paradise is going to the Winslow Wildlife Management off of Piney Hollow Rd. I’ve featured this place may times in the past. From my vehicle getting stuck in the piney sand on my search for the mythicized “blue hole”…. to having the local cops come to my rescue to pull my car out, or exploring the landscape of the gorgeous lake you’ll see below. In the past, I did not want to reveal the location.

My reasons were:

1. I was not sure if it was private or public property
2. A man drowned here 2 years ago


Yep, it really is this color. Enjoy 🙂

This isn’t a place I would recommend swimming. It’s an old sand wash which is why it has retained its “turquoise color.” However, it is ILLEGAL to swim here…but most of all it is unsafe. There are extremely high levels of mercury that have been tested here. The lake also goes from being very shallow to extremely deep within just a few feet.


The sandy roads near the pond/lake.

However, it is a great area to explore. In the summer, you’ll see kids pulling up their cars near the lake for the day. Folks bringing their dogs for a walk. It’s usually quite peaceful. It’s the essence of the Pine Barrens. You’ll see butterflies, frogs, fish and other various wildlife creatures. The sand is soft and the breeze plentiful. You’ll not think you are here in South Jersey, but on a tropical getaway somewhere.


Piney serenity.


Couldn’t get anymore perfect.

The land was a popular hunting spot for my favorite historical South Jersey dude that ever lived….Jonas Cattell. This was reportedly his favorite spot to catch deer and to this day…it still is a popular area for hunting. Just across the street is the popular “blue hole” in the wildlife management area. It’s an old spring that no longer works. However, it has been popular in local folklore and the legend of the New Jersey devil. Some say this is where he was “birthed” from the spring.


Little fishing stoop in the water.

In any sense, the Winslow area is great to explore. There are a few lakes, the Great Egg Harbor river runs through this land…and it’s very expansive over 7,615 acres. Even fox and coyotes have been spotted here. It’s great to get back to “the wilds” of New Jersey because there just isn’t much of that left anymore. Get outside. There is no excuse. This lake is beautiful in any of our four seasons.

Until our next adventure, my friends!

-The Yummygal

2 thoughts on “Winslow Wildlife Management Area- Part# 2,654

  1. you continue to impress me with yet another “nook and/or cranny” of N J wilderness. hmmm…. blair witch is nearby? what’s the NJ devil? is (s)he out walking around in public, perhaps a few times on the “reality” shows?
    really: i’d be tempted to kayak that lake, and perhaps explore on a mountain bike —

  2. I’ve not kept up to your site lately. Just came across this entry tonight. My father worked for the NJ Dept of Conservation. Winslow Wildlife Management Area was one of the areas he oversaw back in the 60’s and 70’s.

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