Your Tropical Paradise Awaits~ Here in New Jersey

Another “Blue Hole” (there’s quite a few in our state)
Winslow Township, NJ

Yummygal’s Top Places To See In The Philadelphia Area Before You Die.


Yummygal enjoying the scenery

Imagine. You’re on vacation. Caribbean-colored waters beckon you. The breeze is flowing in your hair. You have your sunglasses on. You are listening to some great tunes. Sitting in front of you is crystal clear turquoise water.


This is not in the Caribbean

Now, imagine you are in New Jersey.


Another Blue Hole in NJ my friends

This was one of the blue holes I was searching for the day I got stuck in the Pineys. I was looking for this lake. I was also looking for the smaller version of what use to be an old spring. in where the Jersey devil originated. However, I never made it to either.


One of the MANY Blue Holes in NJ

As I have said before, I study maps. I knew this was in the vicinity of where I got stuck. I was just on the wrong side of the road. My friend was going to meet us here. However, she also did research and went to another location. She knew she was in the vicinity of this wonder. Her and her boyfriend drove up and down the street searching diligently. Until they saw folks coming out of a road. They politely asked them where they came from. Then the secret was revealed. She got luckier than me, darn it!


Serenity in NJ. Yummygal’s Mama is on the left

This place is referred to as a “Blue Hole Lake” by the locals. It is owned by the Fish and Wildlife Management. It is not on any maps (listed by name).


Do you see the fish?

You will drive on a dirt road to get here. Please use caution and drive a 4×4 if possible.


Expansive Beach

Please clean up after yourselves! I saw trash left here. This is not the place you want to leave your litter. What comes in, you should take out. Please dispose of your trash accordingly. On my last visit I saw many of beer cans. Drinking is strictly prohibited.


NJ Beauty

I am saying this as a warning as to leaving your trash. It may no longer be open to enjoy, if this continues. The government will shut this beauty down to all outsiders as they so often do.

No one will be permitted to escape to this oasis.


Perfect in Jersey Paradise

New Jerseyans. Please take pride in your natural wonders and beauty. One of the lakes I previously wrote about has shut down access to its main entrance. Due to folks littering and swimming on the property.

Also, please sit back and relax and look out onto the picturesque water.


Piney Love

This will NEVER compare to my St. John. It is something close by that I can enjoy though. Only 25 minutes for me.


Just fabulous

I am not giving up the location. You will have to read the side note below this page for my reason. You are left to your own devices to find it.


Where is this place?

Now get to work and good luck!


What a beauty here in Jersey, eh?

A bit surprised? Don’t be. There are many here in South Jersey due to sand mining over the last century. Which has created the color of the water. Most are NOT SAFE to swim in. Nor are permitted to swim in.


A perfect summer day

Side Note: I do not trespass or break the law. This has stated to be a WMA, however, I have read some conflicting stories. I will not post the location due to the conflicting arguments. There were no signs as to private property or no trespassing.

You are NOT PERMITTED TO SWIM HERE. There are signs all over the place. If you are caught you are asking for severe fines and penalties.

Due to the lack of information available and conflicting reports onto who owns the property. I cannot give this location away. Various sources say it is owned by the Fish and Wildlife Management and even signs on the property state this. However, there are a few lakes in the area that are privately owned. I am only doing it as a precautionary effort. I indeed believe I was on public land. However, I’d rather be safe than sorry. I leave you to your own devices and to research google earth on this place. This is not off of Jackson Rd. that is closed and not open to the public. Just want to make that clear.