Marrakesh, Philadelphia, Pa~ Top things to do in the Philadelphia Area before you die



Marrakesh East Coast Restaurant

517 South Leithgow Street Philadelphia, Pa

(Park on South Street, hint hint)

Top things to do in the Philadelphia Area before you die:

Ahhhh Marrakesh, this restaurant has been here for decades. Famous people, politicians, and us ordinary folks have enjoyed this place.


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It is down a little alleyway. Right off of South Street. It is hard to find because it is nestled amongst residential rowhomes.

You finally stumble upon it. Prepare to be taken away to Morocco. This is no fancy smancy hip restaurant like Buddakan or Morimoto. No, this is a true “authentic” Moroccan experience. With….here we go… The gasps! NO UTENSILS. Yup, you eat with your little hand grubbers.

Now, don’t be scared. It does look like a bit of a dive, but what awaits you is AMAZING.


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They’ll sit you in a room perhaps with other folks. They wash your hands after every course with rose water.. See some hygiene here, lol.

What awaits you is a great dining experience you will never forget. With abundant courses. At least 6 courses from what I remember. I was here in 2010. The honey lamb is to freaking die for. Huge portions and ever so delicious food. Plus, the belly dancers for entertainment… Freaking fantastic.

There is a reason why this place has been here for decades. Us Philly folks love our food. We love our Marrakesh.

It’s a great place for birthdays, something new, a date, neat atmosphere. Definitely something different.

Sometimes different is a good thing.