Amico Island, Isn’t Really An Island, But A Peninsula

Amico Island

Norman Ave.
Delran Twp., New Jersey


Amico Island, Delran Twp. NJ

Amico Island isn’t really an island. It’s a peninsula. Perhaps at one time it was or it seems. The small parking lot looks to have been “filled in”with dirt to connect it with civilization. Amico Island is 55 acres of exploratory fun. It’s a “newer” park recently added to the Burlington County park systems.

As translated from, Paul Schopp, a local historian……

“During the 1930s, Walter Reeder’s Delaware River Sand Dredging Company of Bordentown purchased the Springer Farm and the States Farm for their sand. Using dredges to mine sans and gravel from this tract, the company created the large basin now known as Dredge Harbor in the process. Reeder piled any rocks encountered during the dredging operations on shore for future use. A local contractor purchased these rocks and constructed a series of unique stone houses and businesses adjacent to the harbor which can still be seen today along St. Mihiel Drive.

Following WWII, Reeder laid out Riverside Manor on land his company owned but did use for sand mining. In 1953, Reeder’s sand company sold its remaining land holdings to Merrill Ambler’s Amico Sand & Gravel Company. Amico continued the sand and gravel mining operations into at least the 1960s, creating AmicoIsland in the process. Long in the thoughts of would-be developers, Burlington County acquired Amico Island in 2001 from Duke University who received title to the island as a gift from Merrill Ambler, Jr.

Since acquiring the site, Burlington County has developed the55-acre island into another enjoyable jewel in the frown of the rapidly growing county park system. Several derelict wooden sand barges and scows can still be seen within the park along the interior shorelines.”

Picnic tables at Amico Island

There are 2 miles of various trails, a pretty lake, scenic overlooks, beaches (for fishing only), restrooms, picnic areas and a boatload of wildlife (saw a white-tailed deer hopping along. A little Bambi on the blue trail.) The “island” sits in the crevice of where the Rancocas Creek meets the delightful Delaware River.

It’s very rustic and natural which is usually Yummygal’s favorite places for adventures.

Yummybaby and Yummymama both tagged along this explosive hot summer day because Yummygal likes going on trips no matter what the weather is.

Wildflower meadow

Start out with the blue trail. A bit of caution if you can’t handle stairs with a stroller or going uphill, it’s not the place for you.

The start of the Blue Trail

The blue trail takes you around very rustic forest and pathways. Plus, a few titillating meadows. It will take you out to a few scenic overlooks.

There’s a nice pebbly sand fishing beach on this route that is on the Delaware River side.

The pebble beach at Amico Island

The first overlook is nice. It sits high above. If you look to your west, you will see a cute little marina.

Second Overlook

Then you will go up a large hill to another scenic overlook. The trail is lined with gorgeous river birch trees. Also, you can see birding nests on the crest of the river (they looked like hawk nests.)

Keep strolling through the trail. This is where we saw the white-tailed deer near the rugged stairs.

The blue trail will take you out to where you originally started out.

Very rustic. Me likey 🙂

Congrats! You walked 1 mile.

Walk over on the red trail. It will take you to the pretty pond (nice fishing spot) with benches that sit along the edge.

Rancocas Creek side of Amico Island

To your right is the Rancocas creek and more beaches along for your discovery.

The yellow trail goes off the red trail on a loop. Very small, but another fishing beach.

All in all, it was a gorgeous day with the family (even though Yummygal’s mama was complaining of the heat.)

The Pond at Amico Island

It’s a great place to take the kids to a rustic setting. Yet, has amenities so that it is not too wild for ya!

Great hiking paths for the naturalist. Very rustic, but well-maintained.

Have a yummy time!

9 thoughts on “Amico Island, Isn’t Really An Island, But A Peninsula

  1. Amico Island is a nice rustic little park. Perfect for a picnic. Wear sneakers if you’re planning on walking the trails. Nice place for kids to go fishing. Yummygal’s Mama

      • Thanks for doing that – I was then able to reconnect to my own history (ancestry) – I am the great granddaughter of JM Reeder – who was the pioneer of the Delaware River Sand Dredging Company and initiated the idea – later sold to Merril Ambler who had Amico company, hence Amico Island. Bordentown Revisted book – refer to p. 37 if you like history, my great aunt Dorothy Reeder Goddard contributed to the Bordentown Historic Society. Let me know if I am mistaken anywhere but I have been doing some backtracking. I didn´t know about Walter – but I knew of Joseph Mayer Reeder – my great grandfather . He was my grandfather´s father, Alvin Reeder.

    • I worked as a concrete plant inspector during the time frame 1965 to 1968 and being young never thought much about natural beauty but now 50 years later I must say that the gravel from Amico sand and gravel was awwsome. And 1 know for sure they was producing in 1965 .

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  3. Living near the end of Chester Avenue from 1953 to 1974 I have many fond memories of Amico Island and the immediate area near it. Yes it really was an island then. Though the distance from one side to the other side at an area we called the “point” was 20 feet or less (at either low or high tide) and the current was STRONG and powerful. Many a boat, sailboat and yacht would come through this area for access between The Riverside Marina, Rancocas Creek and the Delaware River. When I was 7 years old til around 15 The Riverside Marina, the old VFW building/house and a single story small house (this house was the closest building to small water opening separating Amico Island and Delran; commonly called Riverside Park then) all occupied land at the end of Norman Avenue. Before the Delran sewer plant was built this area was a nice cove of water and beach. Some people swam here but my main attraction was the abundant places to fish here. You could fish of land or we would fish off some of the docks (hoping not to get chased off the dock), even met Sally Starr at the Riverside Marina as she docked her yacht there. Caught plenty of fish, some decent sized ones, always returning them to the water. Kids today do not what they missed from this area in that time.

  4. I took my 13 yr old daughter for a father/ daughter day bike ride. Ask her to find a place close to home, but make sure it will be fun. After living in Delran for 23 yrs and never heard of Amico Island. What a great place we had amazing time so pretty and full of wild life birds, deer ect. Looks to be great for family fun fishing and picnicking. Great memories .

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