Rocky and the stairs at the Art Museum of Philadelphia~Top things to do in the Philadelphia Area before you die.


Running up the stairs at the Art Museum of Philadelphia.

Continuing my blog series on the top things to do in the Philadelphia area before you die.

The Stairs of the Art Museum are reminiscent of The Rocky Movie and his conquest to win the title. Never giving up his dream to be the best.

Which is why it is so famous. It is a Philadelphia icon.


He thinks he is Rocky, but he isn’t!


In actuality, there aren’t many stairs, but it does showcase the beautiful skyline of Philadelphia and is a true beauty and gem to see it on the parkway. Everyone in Philly has probably been here at one point or another.

It is our “Mecca” of the city.

A must to be like Rocky in your lifetime and run up those stairs.

If you blast,”I am the tiger”, you win even more bonus points.

I guess that’s why I named my son Rocco. It’s a Philly thing.


Taken with a very bad camera phone at night.