The Jersey Devil- Yummygal’s Fun Fact Friday

Yummygal’s Fun Fact Friday. It’s a Funny one!

Meet the “Real Jersey Devil.”

Now, you probably haven’t seen a thing with horns in the woods. However, I am sure you have seen “the Jersey Devil.”

He’s in your neighbor, the guy that cut you off, or the rude person at the counter.

Hahaha, you know it’s true!

The fact is we are probably the rudest, no manners, selfish, brash, truthful, evil, and meanest folks you’ll ever meet.

It’s a way of life, I think everyone suffers from a little “crazy”.

I see it at the grocery store, out walking, at the mall, at the park…

We are inpatient. We want everything and we want it now.


Jersey Devil Photo, Courtesy Of Photobucket

I see it everyday. Below, is what I encountered in just a few days. (Which is quite typical)

I am out walking the other day with my son..I say “hi” to a woman who I am passing by and I just get a blank look on her face.

An old man at the supermarket the other day, butted in front of me at the check out, Well… Yummygal doesn’t play that game… I butted back in front of him. He had the audacity to call me the “B Word” even though I was waiting for 5 min before he even got there.

I am driving 15mph through the neighborhood a kid runs out in front of my vehicle almost gets killed and I am called a f’ing b*** by the kid finger and all….

So as you see the jersey devil does exist, it is not a myth. In fact, it’s a creäture in all of us.

You are not from the Philadelphia area, unless you have been of witness to the “Real Jersey Devil.”

Hope you enjoyed today’s Fun fact.