Island Blues Coral Bay, St. John



Island Blues Restaurant & Bar Coral Bay, St. John USVI

Island Blues sits directly on the water at Coral Bay. This is a great little spot. Kat, the bartender ROCKS she’s what makes this place truly special.


Island Blues at sunset on Coral Bay, ahhhhh.

A young workaholic. She works 6 days a week. Her quirky bubbly personality sets you at ease and she helps to get the fun out of ya. She also is well-versed on the drinks and concoctions she can make. A very energetic, full of life lady, LOVE HER.

We ventured here twice on our trip. One night for drinks. The other for dinner and sat by the bay.


Dining al fresco on Coral Bay what can be better? Leave all your worries behind.




“Jane” and I enjoying an after dinner drink at Island Blues. Yes, I am pale and chunky. I had my son and was around 6 months after birth, okay?

Dinner was pretty good. I ordered a Philly Cheesesteak, since I am always curious how people make it around the country. I’ve actually gone to a place where they actually served a steak with cheese on it.

They did a decent job (born and raised in the Philly area). They made it with a tropical twist.

If you don’t want to eat here. It’s well worth the trip for an after dinner cocktail and to meet Kat. She’s totally cool in my book.


Kat with her turtle making cigarette tray out of aluminum foil)


I don’t smoke, but I definitely admire her artistic abilities.

A great spot to unwind and enjoy your vacation.