Paws Farm- Mt. Laurel, New Jersey

Paw’s Farm- Part of the Local Charm

1105 Hainesport-Mt. Laurel Road
Mt. Laurel

Any kid growing up within the last three decades, in Mount Laurel Township, probably has visited Paw’s Farm at one time or another. Even for us adults and history buffs, this place offers the best of two worlds; A great place to take the kids AND also to learn a little local history.


Habs photo from 1930s of the Darnell House

The Darnell House, the pillar of the farm, was constructed in 1782 with various additions added over the years. There have been some conflicting reports of when it was erected. According to HABs historical data from the 1930s, the date can be found on a patch plate on the front door. However, it is still considered one of the earliest houses in Burlington County.

After the land went through a few hands, Edmund Darnell obtained property of roughly 250 acres in Mt. Laurel township. Darnell was also a founder of the Evesham Meeting House. Interestingly enough, the property was in the hands of Darnell’s direct descendants up until 1941.


Backside of house

The history of the farm really precedes that of 128,000,000 years ago.

Geologically, the farm property sits on what is called a “Cuesta” meaning slope in Spanish. A Cuesta is a natural belt of hills. It formed in the separating of the inner and outer coastal plain of southern New Jersey.


Darnell House 2013


Lets Play!

The Paws Farm Grounds consist of the Darnell home, the original smoke house and ice house, horse and donkey stables, a dairy barn, playgrounds butterfly garden, picnic areas, indoor play areas (great on rainy/winter days) and plenty more…..And a ton of animals for the kids to enjoy!

Paws farm opened its doors in 1979, when volunteers were working on the restoration of the Darnell family farmstead. It became a non-profit nature center, offering a hands on approach with animals. Nature education is a predominant focus at PAWS.


Baaaaaaaaah bah

It is a rare gem to the Mt. Laurel/Medford area as not many people outside of the city limits are aware of it. As developments are sprouting up left and right in the vicinity, the property has not changed much.


Moo Moo


Nice little horsies and animals

I took two children and both were begging not to leave. The farm was closing, so we had no choice.

You have to get out and see this place. It offers history (for us adults) and fun for the kids. I call that a win/win in my book.

Until our next adventure, my friends! -The Yummygal

4 thoughts on “Paws Farm- Mt. Laurel, New Jersey

    • Yes, there is an admission charge. It was less than 20 bucks for an adult and two kids, which wasn’t too bad. You’ll really enjoy it though. It is much nicer and cleaner than the Discovery Museum and waaaaay better.

  1. places like that are NEAT for city/suburb/non-country kids — to get out and mingle with horses, goats, etc. there was a sort of low-key small “zoo” we used to enjoy taking the kids (when they were very young, 6 or so) to, but that place either wasn’t making enough money, couldn’t afford to continue. i think places such as you’ve described really help keep kids (and adults) aware of lifestyles other than the indoors …

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