Gobble Gobble All The Way To This Joint…. at Turkey Point

Turkey Point Road
Dividing Creek, NJ

Exploring the Delaware bayshore is always a treat. Cool breezes off the bay and abundant wildlife dancing magically around you…. And hardly anyone around. It truly brings you serenity and peace…. And it’s right here in Jersey folks!

A lovely home in Dividing Creek.

Winter in Dividing Creek.

I’ve visited Turkey Point a few times over the last few years ever since I heard about it. It lies in an adorable sleepy town of Dividing Creek in Downe Township. With a population of about 500 residents, it could be easily missed. However, it shouldn’t. It’s definitely a great area to explore.

The adorable Dividing Creek Firehouse

Dividing Creek and the surrounding area, has been a top spot for crabbing in South Jersey. It is also home to MANY sand mining pits that a lot of South Jerseyans enjoy due to their turquoise blue water and soft sandy beaches. You’ll probably encounter a few while wandering around.

Main Street is a nice little road to explore. You’ll encounter Union Hall which is reportedly the oldest public, non-church, non-municipal building in existence.

Union Hall.

Originally constructed to be a gathering place for the Good Intent Beneficial Society, the Odd fellows, and the Junior Order of United American Mechanics, Union hall hosted its first meeting on June 24, 1897. Everything is original…. Right down to some of the remaining chairs.

The restaurant.

Dividing Creek Boat Rental, shortly after Hurricane Sandy.

You’ll also encounter, on Main Street, the Lighthouse Family Eats Restaurant. It was built 16 years ago and designed as a replica of East Point Lighthouse with a working light beacon and across the street, Dividing Creek Boat Rentals. Crabbing is their speciality.




However, Turkey Point is Dividing Creek’s “show-stopper.”


Walk the Glades Refuge trails, seek panoramic views, go crabbing, or watch the stunning sunset. It’s a great little place to explore the bayshore.

For the crazy birders out there (there’s a lookout tower), the abundance of raptors and waterfowl make winter the best season to visit Turkey Point. However, I think you’ll enjoy any season here.




If you’re looking for serenity and something “off the beaten path” then this is for you!

Until our next adventure, my friends!

-The Yummygal

7 thoughts on “Gobble Gobble All The Way To This Joint…. at Turkey Point

  1. AZZ YOOZyouALL: your photos are (many, well, most) are sublime, and it’s continually ay-may-zing-zing how you find “little out of the way quiet” small towns and places!

    • Hi Mith, I wouldn’t come here just to visit for the weekend, but if you plan on checking out other sites in South Jersey, you could probably add it to the list. If you came here just to see for the weekend, I think you’d be disappointed. Just being honest.

        • The thing about East Point is that the interior isn’t open so you go take pictures and probably leave within the hour. However, it is very beautiful especially at sunset. If you plan on coming, I’d probably either stay in the Cape May area or Millville. That way you’ll be entertained enough with activities and places to see. B&B’s are rather rare. There are a very minimal few scattered here or there, but most are located in the Cape May area. South Jersey needs to change that.

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