Lake Audrey~ As Pretty As Her Name O.

Lake Audrey, Millville, NJ

Oh Lake Audrey. You are absolutely stunning. Just like …Audrey Hepburn you are one classy broad. You sit on over 120 acres. You are pristine, beautiful and untouched. I would like to keep you this way.


Lake Audrey is absolutely splendid

Okay dokey, so I set off on a gorgeous sunny day only to witness the most beautiful lake I have ever seen. Yes, I have seen many. This baby is sexy. Lake Audrey reminds me of the Caribbean. Turquoise crystal clear water. You can see straight to the sandy bottom. A few sailboats you see anchored in the distance. For a minute, you believe you are on a tropical getaway and not here in NJ.


The dirt road to the lake


Awesome recreational/picnic area overlooking Lake Audrey

She’s had a lot of work done to her over the years. In 2004, the Fish and Wildlife Department took her over. Lake Audrey was not suitable for any fish life. The PH level was bonkers. Many South Jersey volunteers worked effortlessly to get her well. Tons of lime were dumped in the lake to get it hospitable for the fish and get the PH levels up to speed.


Hello, beautiful!


So clear you can see to the bottom

Through the years she finally “healed” and is now one of the best places to fish for black bass in the state. These suckers have been recorded as huge. Lake Audrey is a fisherman’s/ fisher ladies paradise my friends. Plus, there’s a nice boat ramp they installed in 2010. Sweet!


A boat on the beach


A sailboat in NJ paradise


Just Purdy

The grounds are most excellent. There are picnic tables to sit at while you eat a delectable lunch. You can gaze out over the pretty lake. The grounds are clean. Please keep it this way. Do not spoil this place.


The Coastline


Ahhhh. See you next spring or a nice fall day!


Perfect in NJ Paradise

This is my absolute favorite lake that I have witnessed in South Jersey thus far. I truly can’t wait to return this late spring/summer in 2013. Bring my little monkey and “pretend” I’m sitting on White Bay in Jost Van Dyke with a painkiller in hand. Ahhhhh, the good life!

5 thoughts on “Lake Audrey~ As Pretty As Her Name O.

  1. Hey there, what a beautiful lake. Great pics. It really does look exactly like the Caribbean. I’m gonna be fishing that beauty tomorrow. Thanks for the insight

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