The Cookie Jar House

The Cookie Jar House Makes Me Crave Oreos

1028 Rowand Ave.
Glendora, New Jersey
It is right off of Evesham Road near the Deptford Walmart.

On a recent adventure, I came across the Cookie Jar House in Glendora, New Jersey. Yup, it was constructed to look like a cookie jar. It is usually in the top of America’s Wildest Homes.

I was quite tempted to sit outside and eat cookies why checking out this house, but I’m no Cookie Monster! Remember….”C” is for cookie that’s good enough for me….


The Cookie Jar House.

John Dobbins’ (former owner) cozy three-story home was built in 1949 and meant to be the first in a series of similar houses. The other cookie jar houses were never built, but this one still stands, with a spiral staircase at the center of the house. The jar’s “lid” functions as a widow’s walk. The unique house is said to be the only cookie jar house in the U.S., and perhaps that’s no wonder: Dobbins has admitted to having difficulty furnishing the cornerless house when he purchased it. He has since sold the famous cookie jar house.

It is currently owned by the people who run Rasta Impasta the novelty hat company. The current residents are renters. The house is VERY small inside. One bedroom, one bath on the top floor, a kitchen and living room on the second (main floor) and a small sitting room and GARAGE on the first floor.


Side View.

Here is some information:

Per a local historian, Paul Schopp, The so-called “Cookie Jar” house was a sample house with the builder planning to build a small subdivision of them. It was advertised as “a house for the atomic age,” constructed with the intent of surviving the blast of an atomic bomb. Its semi-spherical design reportedly would deflect the destructive force emanating from a bomb dropped on Philadelphia. It is his understanding that the house dates to 1949 (some articles have said 1947) when the Soviet Union created their own atomic bomb.

Local South Jerseyans on the Yummygal Facebook page left these comments:

When I was a kid, Mr. Dobbins (former owner) used to point orange lights at the house and black out the windows to make it look like a jack o’ lantern at Halloween.

Another commented…

I used to live a few blocks from it as a child in first grade before I moved to the city. It was the coolest thing to see as a kid. It’s not too far from glendora school. I still drive passed it to visit my grandmother. Its a work of art.

And another….

Remember they would dress up with scary masks and scare the kids at Halloween?


The cookie jar lid!

I find it quite fitting the cookie jar house is here in New Jersey. We definitely have our quirks and that’s what I love about my state.

Check it out. It is quite neat to see. The best time to see it is in the fall/winter months. The leaves on the trees make it quite difficult to view come Spring/Summer.


Until Our Next Adventure~ The Yummygal

9 thoughts on “The Cookie Jar House

  1. you are an inspiration in that it seems you continually X plore!
    and after you’ve found the shoe-house, i could show you a couple, three, places in my area which look like doggie-doo-doo!

  2. This is awesome. I’m going to have to take a trip up there to check it out… probably next time I’m at the mall, haha.

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