Manumuskin~ My First Blue Hole. It Was Love At First Sight

2012 Manumuskin River Preserve Millville, NJ

Schooner Landing Road
Millville, NJ
Second Visit and Best Exploration Day
Owned By The Nature Conservancy

Oh Manumuskin you are my favorite exploring spot in all of South Jersey. It was one of the last Summer days left of 2012. I didn’t have the kid so it was time to get my solo exploration on. Some people think I’m a little nuts venturing off into a 3500 acre preserve all alone. However, it is honestly where I find my solace. I love it.


First Look. Yes a bit scary, but trust me it gets better!


The Long Walk In at Manumuskin Preserve


Crumbling Asphalt of Days of Old

I parked at Schooner Landing Road. Walked down the straight dilapidated asphalt path. It is a nice long walk, it eventually turns into a dirt road. There are nice whimsical pine trees that sway in the wind lining the path.


First look at Blue Hole #1



Now, this place is popular for its “blue holes.” The first one you will encounter perhaps 2 miles in towards your right. The Nature Conservancy has blocked off some trails. They don’t want you to really swim at the ponds. They are beautiful, majestic, and turquoise. I’ve been here a few times before and it is quite beautiful to just lounge on the white sandy beach. See the fishes in the clear water.


Soft Sandy Beach


Last Look…Now to the next

There was a storm coming in so it was a bit choppy, but if you see the picture it’s a beautiful spot.


The railroad tracks at Manumuskin


Sand Mining Ruins at Manumuskin

I then crossed over the railroad tracks. A train was just sitting effervescently in the middle of nowhere. I found some old sand mining ruins off in the woods along the trails. Back in the day, that is what they did here. The ponds were created from the old mining. They are absolutely beautiful and peaceful these ponds. There are three of these guys on the conservancy.


Kind of creepy 4 Way Old Stop


Frog Friend

If you walk around, there are portions of sand trails. There are also old remnants of the roads that intertwine in the landscape. An old town now in ruins, Fries Mills was once a semi-booming area.


Blue Hole #2


Second Shot


Last Money Shot

I had to leave rather quickly. A bad summer storm was making its way in, but I got to find the 2nd pond that I’ve always tried finding in the past. So this was a huge treat for me!!


Nasty Storm coming in… Time for Yummygal to leave!

There is nothing more peaceful than coming here and getting lost in nature. I adore it. Looking forward to exploring more.

22 thoughts on “Manumuskin~ My First Blue Hole. It Was Love At First Sight

  1. you continue to amaze with the wilds of N J ! more people should be aware of this, as, take me for example –i’ve driven thru’ the northern part, landed at NURRRK airport, toured Bell Labs once, and presumed that the entire state was (well, 97%) URBAN. obviously, it ain’t!

  2. oh wow! It looks beautiful there! I’ve never ventured into the wilds of Millville, but this isn’t too far from me (I’m just south of Glassboro). I’ll definitely have to check it out.

    My favorite exploring spot is Washington Lake Park. There’s this creepy old abandoned playground/swimming hole off the trails. I go there all the time, haha.

    • Haha. This is a great swimming/fishing hole. However, fishing is permitted. Lol. You can’t swim really anywhere in the state which sucks. They are too strict. Washington Lake Park is nice and Parvin as well. This cold weather gets to me. So I’ve been doing more “indoor adventures” as of late. This spot though is beautiful. I always encounter wildlife and the lakes are really beautiful. It was a rough day there because of the approaching storm. Most of the time, it is true turquoise and very calm. Really just gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by and hope you had a fabulous weekend, Pam!

  3. So is Schooner Landing Road no longer open to parking? I’ve enjoyed hiking through this area for the past several years, I even went down to pick up trash last August (filled 15 bags!). But I heard tale that thanks to people partying in there, the entirety of Schooner Landing Road is blocked off now. Is that accurate? I’d love to go hiking in again, but not sure where to park now if S.L.R. is no longer accessible!

    • Mike you can park there on Schooner Landing now. It was closed briefly last year. I have visited since then and was fine. Yes, a lot of trash and kids partying. It is quite sad to see it be ruined like that! Go hiking there though, it is still fun. I may be headed in the next week actually.

  4. Hey I came across your blog while looking up the “blue hole”. You did an awesome job with your blog I really enjoyed reading about it. I’m wondering if you know of any lakes like these that allow swimming? I normally just go into the Pines swimming or Lake Oswego. thanks and keep up the adventures!!!

  5. Hi, love your blog. I was in Manumuskin last weekend, and I found the first lake on the right, can’t find the other two. Would you, by any chance, have a map of the trails that lead to them? By the way, this is by far the prettiest lake that I have found, so far.

  6. Never knew the name of this place. Just found your blog today while searching if anyone knew if the cops were still being strict as far as parking goes? I have been here plenty times but we did not go at all last year due to the police kicking us out twice. Has anyone been there recently? I love this place, it reminds of Leonardo DiCaprio movie The Beach. Finding a hidden gem, semi adventurous. Thinking about going Sunday, if anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Thanks for the article! Planning on heading here tomorrow. Didn’t know there was an abandoned town… would you mind sharing that map if you’ve still got it?

  8. Entrance is closed off at Schooner Landing Road , there are “no parking” signs all over as well as ” nature preserve , area closed” as well as “no tresspassing” all around the dirt road.

    • I stopped by last weekend, and Schooner Lading Road was still closed off. Turned back up 55 and went to Menantico instead. You could park at Menantico and hike south on the railroad tracks if you’re up for that – it should be just a shade under 2 miles each way.

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