Fortescue Beach, NJ ~ A Beach Not Many Know Of…

Fortescue Beach

Cumberland County
Fortescue, NJ

Top things to see in the Philadelphia Area before you die.

I told you I would be featuring “secret beaches” and here is my first. The second beach is even more private and will feature in another week.


Just hop over the metal divider to your own “semi-private” oasis.

Fortescue Beach is a great get away from it all natural beauty beach. The town’s population is 400 and is the “weakfish capital of the world” a great little fishing spot.

I came here on a whim with my mom and son. I have been checking out google earth and mapping out possible unique beach locations and doing research on cool places to see in NJ. I also had heard there was a beach here, but couldn’t find much information about it. All I saw online was that it’s just a small fishing village with a very small beach.


Gorgeous pristine Delaware Bay

The trip in getting here is very scenic with marshlands and the New Jersey countryside of farms growing produce and livestock.

We arrived by going down Downe Street and then making a left at the stop. If you turn right takes you out to a small marina.

The beach wasn’t small at all. Perhaps a half mile long. With expansive views of the Delaware Bay. It is gorgeous.

Fortescue is a stomping ground in the spring for thousands of migratory birds from South America heading to the Arctic.


Shot of the long beach

The beach is very natural. Clear waters (not like the Caribbean, but clear for Jersey).

A great spot for families. NO CROWDS… A plus in the summer months. We came here on a Saturday midday.

It’s nature at it’s best. Home to sandpipers, plovers, eagles, monarch butterflies, and horseshoe crabs.

It’s off the beaten path and no facilities around so pack accordingly.


A picture of the water

There’s a little B&B called the Charlesworth Inn, nestled right on the beach and has gotten high reviews over the years (perfect for couples).


A wedding taking place on the one end of the beach at Fortescue

There is also a great party boat that goes out daily called, The Bonanza II. It offers folks fishing enjoyment along the Delaware Bay area. Usual sailing times are daily from 7:30-3.

Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the natural beauty of the calm bay.


My son enjoying Fortescue Beach

This beach is a get away from the summer shore crowd kind of spot.

Check it out it is gorgeous. The best time to come is near sunset as the sun disappears over the bay.


another gorgeous shot

NJ beauty at best.

Getting here. Route 55S. To exit 27 towards Millville.
Merge onto 2nd St. Make right onto County Road. (East Main Street)
left onto Cedar St. Continue onto Cedarville Rd (County Rd. 310)
Slight Left onto County Rd. (629)
Then Left onto Cedarville-Newport Rd (Main Street)
Make right onto Baptist Rd. (656)
Then make 2nd Left onto Fortescue Rd (637)
It then turns into Downe Ave, which will take you to the beach

Going home, take the Bridgeton Pike. A fabulous ride back home.

My only recommendation:

Bring the bug-spray as green heads can come at you on a non-windy day.

Other than that, the beach is fabulous and very tranquil and you will enjoy your day here.


Enjoy a day at Fortescue

Update: New Restaurant at Fortescue called the Fortescue Grill. Open for lunch and dinner on weekends.


Please welcome this new restaurant to the community.