A clarification on St. John USVI

A clarification on St. John USVI

A little clarification. I hear this A LOT. It is like someone scratching the chalkboard.

“St. John is not St. JOHNS.”


Cinnamon Bay, St. John USVI


Why do people refer to St. John as St. Johns with an “s”? Where was this derived from? I don’t get it. Even on my recent stay it was referred to this by tourists. Really? It would be the equivalent of calling New York, New Yak. Or Mississippi as, Sippi.

Why oh why people?

It is ST. JOHN. No sssssssssssssssssssss.

I am done my history lesson for the day. Now, get it right!


Pretty Flowers at Starlit Escape Villa, St. John USVI