Ride The Tramcar, Wildwood, NJ ~ Top things to see in the Philadelphia Area before you die

Ride The Tramcar

The boardwalk
Wildwood, NJ

Top things to do In the Philadelphia Area before you die….continued….

Ride the tramcar at the Wildwood Boardwalk or “Watch it and get out of it’s way.”

Ask ANYONE about this in the Philadelphia area. Say, “Tramcar”.

Almost immediately they will spit out,

“Watch The Tramcar, Please.”


Picture courtesy of photobucket. Ride The Darn Tramcar, will ya?

Unfortunately, it will be hidden subconsciously and consciously in your brain for the remainder of your life. The first time you hear it.

All this thing does is cart you around the boardwalk if you are lazy or just too tired to walk and spit out on a constant annoying rotation, “Watch the Tramcar Please”. “Watch the Tramcar Please” over and over and over again.

It is a Jersey shore icon, a Philly icon, our icon.

It has been around since 1949. It probably will always be there like our salt water taffys and our fudge.

Hidden in our childhood memories forever at the shore, but never forgotten.

Cape Henlopen State Park, Near Lewes, Delaware

Cape Henlopen State Park

Near Lewes, DE
About a 2 hour drive from Philly.

Continued with my series….. Top Places to see in the Philadelphia Area before you die.


Beautiful, Serene~ Cape Henlopen, Delaware

People think Delaware is boring, but I am here to prove them wrong. There are TONS of things to do in this little state.

Starting off with Cape Henlopen a gorgeous pristine state park near the beaches of Lewes, De.

Enjoy biking, hiking, sunbathing on the beach, picnicking, horseback riding, camping, fishing on the pier or take a walk on the trail and get in shape….the list is endless.

There is a 3 mile long paved trail that encircles the park to enjoy.

An observation tower for 360 degree views. To take in the natural beauty.

It’s something truly beautiful to see.

A natural untouched beauty in our area. The trip is absolutely worth it.

Those who think Delaware is a small state and has nothing to offer..

Well, I am here to prove you wrong folks!

Secret Beaches of NJ

Secret Beaches of NJ

I have done A LOT of traveling this weekend and found a few more (Secret Beaches) here in NJ that you may have never heard of. Will post in a few days. However, these beaches will most likely be vacant for your summer adventure or just a handful of people :).


Camp Crockett~ Salem County, New Jersey


Check back by the end of this week!