Coral Bay, St. John


Can’t wait for my upcoming trip to Coral Bay, St. John.

The more “secluded” side of the island.

I like the fact it is more obscure.

A more of a relaxing get away from it all (away from hubby and baby, hooray!) vacation with just myself and one of my besties.

Tons of adventures I will be getting into.

Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations on my stay there?


View near Bordeaux Mountain, St. John


I have visited only a few times on day trips. Now, it’s a much bigger extended trip. Woohoo!

I truly love the Virgin Islands. There’s really so much to offer. Plus, it feels like a home away from home since it’s part of the United States.

Everything we have here on the mainland. They pretty much have there.

Paradise awaits only a few weeks away……