Pleasant Lake, Arizona~ Yummygal Was Pleasantly Surprised


Pleasant Lake, Arizona

Pleasant Lake is odd. Just outright odd. However, Very beautiful. This huge lake is slapped down in the middle of the desert.

I guess people that live in the desert need their fun and sun too.



Pleasant Lake, Arizona. The color is gorgeous. It is an oasis in the desert.

There is a nice restaurant, a marina, a few islands in the middle to explore. Tons of wildlife, picnic areas, camping, and hiking. It’s this whole oasis of paradise in the desert.

It’s something you just have to see because you just can’t believe how huge this is and the massive amounts of water that had to be pumped in must have been insane in the membrane.

Something to check out however, if you are in the Peoria, Surprise, Glendale, or Phoenix area.


Enjoying the many Cacti and Pleasant Lake


That’s me, yes, I know I am nuts. I am “cactus humping” on a trail at the lake.  If you are a nature nut or just want to take a nice swim in the heat of the desert summer. This place truly rocks!!!


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