Fun Fact Friday

Another Fun Fact Friday

New Jersey is famous for its corn, tomatoes, and delicious blueberries. However, prior to 1820, our delightful tomato was considered poisonous and fatal if eaten.

People from all over New Jersey and beyond gathered at the Salem County courthouse in New Jersey.


Yum Yum, Jersey tomato

They were to witness Colonel Robert Gibbon to die on September 26, 1820.
However, he did not die and all were astonished. He ate a whole bushel of tomatoes and indeed lived! It is kind of sick that folks came out to see a man die…wonderful humanity in this world.


NJ deliciousness

The fact is the tomato was never poisonous. It was the pewter plate that Europeans use to eat this delicious fruit/veggie on. (Depending who you ask, haha)

The acid from the tomato would draw out the lead in the plate. Making the interaction a deadly dose of toxic yumminess that was consumed.

Hence, why for hundreds of years they thought it was lethal.

Keep eating those delicious Jersey tomatoes my friends!

You won’t perish, promise.