Manumuskin Preserve South Jersey~ The Precious Preserve in the Pineys

Manumuskin Preserve in South Jersey

Top places to see in the Philadelphia area before you die.

Turquoise waters in NJ? Yup!
Location: Schooner Landing Road Exit 21 route 55 (near Vineland/ Millville)

I don’t think anyone would believe you if you said we have turquoise waters in New Jersey, especially in South Jersey, but guess what? We do.


The white beach at Manumuskin Pond

This is a great lake. There are fish, and natural white sands, the water is so blue and clear and can see to the bottom. AMAZING site to see.

People camp here, BBQ, bring kayaks, a picnic lunch, or just come down for the day in the summer, so you don’t have to deal with traffic towards the shore.

FYI, swimming is prohibited.


Mamumuskin Pond

Now, you will probably be the only one here or see possibly up to 3 other groups, but that’s it. It’s true paradise right here in our backyard.

It’s a beautiful place amongst the sands, in the middle of the forest. It’s an oasis that is unbelievable and beats the crowds at the beach any day in the summer.


The expansive beach

Getting here:

Take route 55 south towards the shore. Get off on Schooner Landing Rd, after Millville exit, make a LEFT off the exit. Follow until the road ends on your right you can park your car.

Now, here’s the tricky part, you have to walk about a 1/2 mile, but that’s part of the adventure. You will walk on the street until there is no street, then it turns into a dirt road. You will see one trail to your right just walk right by, take the 2nd trail make a right and follow, just up a quick ways, it will take you out to the beautiful water. It’s a true sight to see.

This is definitely something you need to see in The Philadelphia area before you die and it’s a secret not many people know about. Enjoy. Truly a sight to see!


The water at Manumuskin Pond. It is true turquoise, however, on a cloudy day this is what you get…


The pines behind the beach and horseback riders at Manumuskin

The day I visited, A nice couple brought their horses to ride. Was beautiful seeing them walk around the beach. Great trails for horses here as well.

Side Note: The Schooner Landing Road Entrance Is NO LONGER OPEN.

I was just here recently and no foot traffic is permitted at this entrance, However, I was able to find two more entrances. One on the South side with about 1 1/2 miles of trails to get to the ponds and another location on the Southeast side. I will post about it at a future date.

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