Crabby’s Coral Bay ~ St. John USVI

Crabby’s Watersports

Coral Bay, St. John USVI

If you want to snorkel around St. John and are looking for some equipment to rent…..

Crabby’s is the place to get your gear from. There is no need to look anywhere else.


out front of Crabby’s in Coral Bay, St. John

For just $25 bucks for the week. You can rent yourself some snorkeling gear so you are able to snorkel to your heart’s content on all of the gorgeous beaches around the fabulous island. Including, Waterlemon Cay, which is my favorite. Hey, if you aren’t the adventurous type. Why not snorkel in your villa’s pool? Haha!


One of the fabulous St. John beaches

Crabby’s also rents kayaks and other water-sporting gear. Did you forget to bring your underwater camera? Well… You can purchase one here! You will definitely want to take pictures of your snorkelicious journey with all the amazing water wildlife around you on your island adventure.


Crabby sign

Also, you can book a charter boat to tour around the island, a sunset cruise, or go island hopping to the British Virgin Islands and see German men in their speedos. Yuck (I did see them in Jost Van Dyke though).

It was hot! Not!

Crabby’s has a lot of unique offerings. Definitely check it out of you are staying in St. John.


Love Coral Bay’s sense of humor. It is all over the place!

As the sign says above, “Have a Crabby Day.”

There’s really nothing crabby about these folks. They are actually pretty nice. However, I appreciate the Coral Bay humor.

As you can see… They “maybe” will be open at these times, haha.

The Baths of Virgin Gorda

The Baths of Virgin Gorda

Referred to as the 8th wonder of the world.

Things to do while staying in St. John. Take a charter to see the Baths.


The majestic baths of Virgin Gorda…. A fat lady that sings!

These geological formations have developed over millions of years.

These boulders are made of granite. The pressure of these rocks over the centuries has pressurized into these magnificent large creations of massive rock from volcanic sediment.

We took the Bad Kitty Charter tour from St. John to see these babies. It was an extremely busy day. There was a cruise ship that docked in Tortola. I think some folks didn’t realize that you have to be in shape to wander through these boulders.


Don’t get stuck! I’ll have to rub baby oil all over you.

There are very small stairs and rope all clustered throughout the rocks and takes general strength to hike through the caverns. I would not recommend this if you are overweight since you may not fit through the boulders.

You don’t want to get stuck and someone has to rub baby oil all over you just to get you out.

Also, do not wear shoes. Just go with bare feet since the rocks are extremely slippery.

You will be thanking me my friends.

Christopher Columbus ventured here and the name, Virgin Gorda, was derived from overlooking the island’s horizon in that it looked like a very large fat woman lying down.

The slaves use to run away from their masters and hide in these boulders. Since it was hard to navigate through.


As seen from the Bad Kitty, Meow!

There are also tons of many minerals that have developed in the sand and water that has led to the legend of the fountain of youth.

Hint: When walking through the inside of the boulders.  Rub your feet in the water.  You will see dark minerals floating in the water and the sand.

Also, you may want to scrub up with that sand.  The last I checked.  We weren’t getting any younger.

This was also the location of many famous movies and for Tyra Banks’ fame which won her worldly recognition in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

So check it out. It’s definitely something you got to see.

Cooper Island, BVI



Cooper Island
British Virgin Islands

Top things to do when you are staying in St. Thomas or St. John:

Take a charter to this most gorgeous island for either lunch or dinner.


The Cooper Beach Club Restaurant, very popular amongst sailors


The beach club is gorgeous. Waterfront views, British folks with an awesome accent.

Who doesn’t like an accent?


Ah, I’ve found paradise

The restaurant is pretty good. It’s very laid back. Big portions. The fish and chips are great!

Immaculate maintained grounds. With gorgeous beautiful beaches.

It is almost entirely run on solar power. A very “green” island, mateys.

Although this island is very small only 489 acres, it offers a lot of punch and glitz.


The gorgeous tropical grounds

The beaches are white, soft, and powdery.

For scuba lovers, this serves as a main base hub in the Caribbean.

Offering shipwrecks, reefs, and many tropical fish.

Also, great for the snorkeling enthusiasts.


Manchioneel Bay Beach, Cooper Island

We took this excursion with the Bad Kitty charter (out of St. John) and very glad this is a stop amongst their tour.

I would truly like to come back and stay on the island.

However, there is at least a year in advance reservations to even stay here.


The huge dock

You are better off chartering a boat to come here for the day or rent a boat and Moor offshore to enjoy this gorgeous beauty.


Clear water in the bay

Enjoy this great little island if you ever get a chance to!