It Was Just A Death Of The Fox…

217 Kings Highway  Clarksboro, New Jersey (near the border of Mt. Royal)


Currently, a private residence, so please be aware and respectful 🙂

Cowtown and various adventures 550-Edit

The immaculate Death of the Fox Inn.

Cowtown and various adventures 552-Edit

The historical plaque.


This tavern was built in 1727 and is known locally as, “The Death of the Fox Inn.”  I’ve passed by it on many of my travels and thought it was about time I gave it some yummy love.

The Death of the Fox Inn is significant to me (yup, that strange chick who blogs with the weird name) because Jonas Cattell frequented this inn often. He is my most favorite South Jersey hero of all time.

Cattell was not only a Revolutionary War hero, but as he advanced in his age, his skill as a tracker of wildlife and hunter warranted folks to pay good money to go out on hunting excursions with him.

Cattell knew the trails in South Jersey like the back of his hands. He was a member of the Old Gloucester Fox Hunting Club and he also maintained their kennels in Gloucester Town (present-day Gloucester City).  The hunting club in Gloucester was the first hunt club in America.

Cattell’s hunts often ended at the “Death Of The Fox Tavern” here in Mount Royal after a long day’s sport. This is how the inn received its namesake.

 Btw, not specifically from Cattell’s visits, but with it being frequented by hunters after a day out in the woods.


Cowtown and various adventures 551-Edit

Cowtown and various adventures 555-Edit

Just beautifully maintained.


Most inns in South Jersey created history and this one was no exception.  There is a report of a Tory hanging here.  Also, noted Gloucester County historic figure, Dr. Bodo Otto, Jr. and his family used Death of a Fox as their residence after the British attempted to burn their house down. He later died at 33 years old from tuberculosis at the inn.

Dr. Bodo Otto Jr's house located in Mickleton.

Dr. Bodo Otto’s house located in Mickleton.


It’s a small piece of unique history to check out and it’s right here in South Jersey.

Awhile back, I traced the steps of my beloved Jonas Cattell and this was a part of the tour that I wrote about.

Until our next adventure, my friends!


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The Yummygal

11 thoughts on “It Was Just A Death Of The Fox…

  1. Thanks for giving some love to Mt. Royal, considering its so tiny that you can throw a stone from one end to the other!

  2. I drive by this house every time I’m on my way to Church & have always wondered about this house. Now I know it’s history…by the way, I live just a short walk away from 7 Stars Tavern, another great meeting place. Really appreciate this site, thanks.

    • Christine, there’s a funny story/urban legend about the Mount Royal Inn! I’m sure you’ve seen the 1762 on the building? The story goes one of the workers of the inn was to go up and put the date of construction on the top side of the building. Turns out, he was so drunk that instead of putting up 1726 on the building, he mixed up the numbers and put 1762!

  3. I love your passion for our local history. I’ll have to check in to Jonas Catell. This picture of the “fox” just makes me want to stop in for a cold beer by a hot fire. Of course the current owners wouldn’t appreciate that!
    I’ve been inside during the Mickleton Christmas house tour. Very Nice.

      • Thanks for this piece. I’m the owner of Death of the Fox Inn. I, too, have great respect and admiration for Jonas Cattell. Our house is part of the Woodbury Garden Club house tour this Saturday, Dec 10th, 3-8 pm. You are welcome to stop by and see where he hung out.

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