My My Muffler Man.. Wink Wink :) Love, Nitro Girl

Uniroyal Tires
301 White Horse Pike
Magnolia, NJ

This “muffler man” has been a focal point for as long as I have been alive. He once resided in Clementon (yes, I remember him there, I’m ancient) and then moved to this present location in 2002.


Oh, Mr. Muffler Man. You make driving on the White Horse Pike a lot of fun. You’re always a landmark beckoning the urban landscape of South Jersey. I also love your girlfriend…”Nitro Girl” who also shares the same limelight on two different pikes (Nitro Girl is on the BHP). Mr. Muffler Man you are a towering titan my dear.

The term “muffler men” originated from the first statues holding mufflers…. Ta da!! Bada boom…. THE Muffler Man.


The International Fiberglass Company who constructed these monstrosities originated in Venice, California. An ingenious man, Steve Dashew, owned and manufactured fiberglass boats and decided to construct these roadside attractions as a hobby. It caught on and business soared. Ventures placed these guys outside of their stores to get the attention of passerby’s. I’d say it worked and continues to work to this day. The company folded in the mid 1970s, but it hasn’t stopped collectors. These soaring icons are a huge commodity these days. They can fetch some big big big bucks…. Upwards of $35,000. Ka-Ching.

It’s unfortunate that they are no longer made, but living in Jersey we are blessed with many still in existence, here in our backyard. I’ve always had an affinity for this hunka hunka manly man. Although, his pants are painted red… And they usually end up looking a bit girly “pink” because of fading from the sun. (Poor guy)

However, I have been known to say, that it takes a truly confident man to wear pink!

See, pink pants… What did I tell ya?

I think growing up in South Jersey, our quirky landmarks become a colossal part of us. I’m trying to document everything that I can all over our state because one day they will vanish…poof…. be gone. Just look at the White Horse on the White Horse Pike. An icon we’ve cherished for decades is probably going to horsey heaven. I am hoping he gets repaired (presently the stallion is in storage).

I do this blog for my true love of South Jersey and for those people who adore it too. Enough sappiness. Now go out and explore and see this hunky hunky muffler man!

Until our next adventure, my friends!

-The Yummygal

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