Lake Audrey- Revisted

Off the Mauricetown Bypass
(From Delsea Drive)

Millville, NJ

Continuing on with my summer in South Jersey series!

It’s obvious why Lake Audrey is one of my favorite lakes in South Jersey… I mean…. come on…. look at her! I catch myself coming here when I just “want to get away from it all.” My son also loves it. It’s quiet, peaceful (you’ll rarely see folks around), it’s beautifully kept and the water is a clear turquoise color. I don’t feel like I’m in Jersey here. I’m swept away to a tropical getaway. What more can you ask for?



This was once home to a sand mining operation. The township decided to turn it into a lake after it was no longer in use. It took years of adding lime to get it hospitable for fish to survive. In fact, it is so healthy for fish now that records have been set in bass catching. There is a boat ramp here if you’d like to take out a kayak or small boat onto the water.



Lake Audrey is somewhat of a newer addition to the recreation landscape having only been open to the public for less than a decade now. I love her and cherish her. If you enjoy connecting with nature, it truly is a lovely place to explore. Go and check it out! You won’t be disappointed. This turquoise lake is definitely splendid!

Until our next adventure, my friends!

-The Yummygal

2 thoughts on “Lake Audrey- Revisted

  1. Hey so I’m wondering if there’s any exact address or way to get to lake audrey? I’m trying to take my daughter before school starts I’m afraid of getting lost heading down there I’m from up north new jersey. If there’s a direct address to get to it that can make it simpler for me. I’d really appreciate it.

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