Highlights From the Gloucester County 4-H Fair & Peach Festival

Bridgeton Pike
Mullica Hill

Well… another year has ended for this great Gloucester County Fair! This is one I also look forward to on a yearly basis because there’s always something for all ages. This Peach Fair has been going on for years and has become a tradition for my family.



Jersey-grown peaches are the highlight (well, duh) and you can purchase some here if you want to… as well as getting your fix for some homemade peach ice cream. I’m called Yummygal for a reason… hello? Yummy!

This year there were no rides for the kids and I was a teeny bit disappointed in that, but it still didn’t take away from us having a great time! Plus, it was Yummygal II’s first time going… As pictured here… And by the look on her face.. I’d say she enjoyed it!


Yummyboy is enjoying his french fries.

Highlights always for my family are Lapp’s BBQ (based out of Salem County). Lapp’s grills up some great ribs and chicken with Jersey sweet corn… Nom nom nom.. There is always a soda wagon vendor here every year. They make to-die-for orange cream and root beer soda. Plus, you get a cute little tin cup with your purchase! But… you have to save room for a funnel cake… I mean what is a fair for anyway?




Onwards are the great display of farm animals, reptiles and rabbits… There are some local goods sold here (like honey) and of course, your typical fair accoutrements.



This year they had a riding bull and mud run which was a new addition. Plus, there’s always live music going on. It is definitely a bit “country” this event.. But it is what gives this fair its charm!





Also new this year was the tractor display/shows. My son loved it! He has a weird fascination with tractors. His best part was also getting to pet a goose (they’re actually pretty soft.. In case you were wondering) and rabbit.

All in all.. Another great year at the Peach festival in Mullica Hill! Can’t wait for Salem County’s upcoming festival… Maybe I’ll see you there?

Until our next adventure, my friends!

-The Yummygal

9 thoughts on “Highlights From the Gloucester County 4-H Fair & Peach Festival

  1. I love fairs – draft horses and sausage and peppers sandwiches . There sure lots of different chickens in the world ! Fairs seem to have them all

  2. That little Yummy Baby is just too adorable!!!!! And, the little Yummy Boy is getting cuter by the day! Looks like everyone had a great time! Haven’t been there in YEARS…nor to Burlington County recently. They really are a fun experience. Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Yummygal….don’t forget to go to the Salem County Fair….I look to see some good pictures….born and raised down in Woodstown….!

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